10 anime that take place in a school for boys


Most cartoons show secondary schools educating both boys and girls. It gives the author the ability to write about a number of situations. These can involve how teenagers adjust to growing up with the opposite sex, potential friendships, and possible relationships. There are anime that go the other way and choose to place their storyline in a single-sex school. Many anime feature boys-only high schools.

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It’s easy to assume that these anime will only focus on romance between boys, and that may be part of the appeal for some fans. However, these series can also be about the development of bonds between boys as they become men. Or, maybe, they just feature nonsensical humor about a group of delinquents. Anime series have a lot of layers.

ten Princess Princess sees high school student cross-dressing for pocket money

princess princess

princess princess is a shoujo anime with an interesting premise. The protagonist is Tooru Kouno, a young boy who was forced to transfer to an all-boys school. There he meets two other boys, Mikoto and Yuujirou, and learns that the school has no girls. Despite the lack of female participants, some of the first year boys are chosen to become “princesses”, who cross-dress to cheer up the other boys in the school. Although Tooru doesn’t know what to make of this, he finds himself chosen as one of the princesses thanks to his dazzling beauty.

9 Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys Asks Girl To Go To Troublemaker School To Earn A Place At The Top

Hinako is a young girl who recently learned that she has a twin brother named Hikaru. Both are the children of the head of a powerful yakuza family. Hinako was asked by her brother to go to a boys’ academy filled with only delinquents. Hinako goes there. She sets out to become the headmistress of the school, eliminating anyone who gets in her way. If she succeeds, she will become the next leader of the yakuza.

8 High Earth Defense Club’s Cute Love Shows Everyone Can Be Magical

Everyone loves magical girl shows, but magical boy shows are rare. In 2015, Cute high earth defense club love! came out, and it was written by Michiko Yokote. Cute high earth defense club love! features a group of boys from Binan High School who call themselves the Earth Defense Club.

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Originally a group of fools, they are forced to become heroes when a pink wombat gives them the power to transform and become ‘Battle Lovers’. They must defend the planet against the Earth Conquest Club, a group of students empowered by a green hedgehog.

seven Gakuen Heaven sees an ordinary guy go to a school with more talented people than him

Gakuen's Paradise

Gakuen’s Paradise follows protagonist Keita Ito, an ordinary boy who has been invited to join a not-so-ordinary high school. The prestigious Bell Liberty Academy invites him to attend, and he decides to go. But as he attends BL Academy, he quickly learns that all the other boys are as talented as he might have suspected.

Keita struggles to find a place to fit in, making friends with most people at school. But there is one boy in particular, Kazuki Endou, who seems determined to bond with others. A lot of Gakuen Heaven’s The story is built around the relationship between Keita and the handsome Kazuki, making it a classic love story.

6 Gakuen Handsome is a parody of the anime Shounen-Ai

Gakuen Handsome

Yoshiki Maeda is the newest member of Baraman High School in Gakuen Handsome. There, he meets an old friend, Takuya Saotome, and finds himself drawn into a whirlwind romance. The summary for Gakuen Handsome doesn’t really do it justice, because that’s not what this story is about. It’s a satire on boy love series, from how romance is always between two people who knew each other in childhood, to the absurd way characters in boy love manga are drawn.

5 Cluster Edge takes place in a futuristic school with a group of boys chosen to be the leaders of tomorrow

Cluster edge

Cluster edge is a sci-fi series set in a school known as Cluster Edge Academy. The Elite send their sons to Cluster Edge, where they can train to rule the world. The protagonist is a young man who can create miracles, which attracts a lot of attention. This leads everyone in the school, as well as the military and religious sects that have taken over the world, to come after him. Despite Cluster edge’With a predominantly male cast, the series never goes the way of boy love. Instead of, Cluster edge focuses on bishōnen boys and science fiction themes.

4 The glasses club is made up of boys who like to wear glasses

anime club glasses

glasses club is the show for anyone who likes to wear glasses as a fashion statement. The protagonist is Akira Souma, a teenager who attends the Third Technical School of Himararaya. He is the head of the glasses club, where he forced his friends and fellow glasses wearers to join him. Their goal is to create a pair of functional X-Ray glasses.

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A ridiculous premise goes hand in hand with Akira’s ridiculous nature, who seems to only like other people who wear glasses, and has a problem with people he calls “non-glassers”. glasses club is funny, if a bit silly.

3 Cromartie High School sees a normal kid in a school for delinquents

Cromartie High School follows Takashi Kamiyama, someone who is supposed to be an average high school student. He chooses to join Cromartie High School, a school filled solely with delinquents. Takashi is considered the toughest guy there. In reality, its only objective is to improve the reputation of the school to help other participants. In no time, he finds himself surrounded by a new group of friends, a gang of delinquents who watch over Takashi in the craziest school anyone has ever seen.

2 Gokusen Shows A Yakuza’s Child Teaching A Class Of Troublemakers

Gokusen Yakuza Kumiko Yankumi Shin Minami Uchi Kuma

Gokusen features a young woman named Kumiko Yamaguchi, the daughter of a yakuza clan. Kumiko wants to be a high school math teacher. She begins teaching at an all-boys high school called Shirokin Academy, only to find her class is full of delinquents who have been a pain to the rest of the school. Of course, that doesn’t make sense for a yakuza member’s daughter. She puts the whole group in tune with her attitude and incredible strength.

1 Daily life of high school students focuses on high school students in their free time

As fans might assume from the title, The daily life of high school students focuses on the lives of three high school students: Hidnori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni. All three attend Sanada North High School. They spend most of their days trying to entertain themselves with crazy adventures that Hidenori had thought of. Although mostly nothing, the imaginative adventures of these children have made The daily life of high school students popular enough to get his own live-action movie. The movie, of the same title, was released a year after the final season of the anime series.

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