10 Best Escape Games, Ranked


Escape rooms have been popping up everywhere for a few years. Their popularity has exceeded most people’s expectations and they are now synonymous with other fun group activities like bowling or mini-golf. Escape rooms are a great way to spend a night out with friends, but they can be expensive and overwhelming for some.

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Escape Room board games solved these problems by putting all the puzzles and thrills players love into one box available in stores. In most of these games, players will work together to solve puzzles within a set amount of time. Others change this formula to keep players coming back for more.

ten Exit: The Game – Pharaoh’s Tomb Shows Players What Escape Games Can Be

Exit game Pharaohs tomb components in box

Output: the game is a very popular series of escape games that can only be played once. Each game comes with booklets, decoder discs and components that need to be cut, extracted and written. The Pharaoh’s Tomb is one of the first entries in the series and has introduced many gamers to what these types of games are and the kind of experiences they can provide. There are many interesting and quirky puzzles in the game which have impressed most players who try their luck.

9 Star Wars: Unlock! Gives Star Wars fans an escape room to enjoy

Star Wars unlockable board game box

To open! is a series of games that use a companion app to solve puzzles and puzzles. The series has been popular for quite some time, using all sorts of different themes. When Star Wars: Unlock! was released, he allowed star wars fans to have fun, in a world they know and love.

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The game features new stories and new settings in the star wars universe and makes players feel like they’re right there fighting Storm Troopersfly X-Wings and outsmart the empire.

8 Escape From The Asylum treats escape rooms with love and care

Escape From The Asylum Board Game

Escape the asylum is unique among other escape games. Most of these types of games use cheaper components in order to keep the price low for players who will only experience the game once. Escape the asylum offers a nice build quality and even a deluxe version for players who want it. The game itself is split into two parts and features challenging new puzzles and interesting ideas that appealed to both new and experienced players in escape games.

seven Escape Room: the game combines puzzles and toys

Escape Room The game components in the box

Escape Room: The Game is similar to other escape rooms that use paper and cardboard components to solve problems and unlock doors. The difference is that Escape Room: The Game also provides a battery operated decoder and several plastic keys in different shapes. Not only does the decoder provide a countdown for players and background noises, it also tells players whether or not they’ve solved a clue correctly. If players enter the wrong code or insert the wrong keys, the countdown will go faster, adding to the excitement of the game.

6 Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experience lets all players play at the same time

Escape Room In A Box Werewolf Experiment Board Game Components

Most escape games have a series of puzzles that must be solved to finally escape the room and win the game. Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experience changes things up by having 3 simultaneous puzzles for the group to work on separately, much like what an actual escape room is. Not only that, but the game also has physical boxes and a lock that most games of this type don’t have, making the game more immersive for everyone involved.

5 Exit: The Game + Puzzle – The Deserted Lighthouse uses puzzles to solve riddles

Quit Game Puzzle The Deserted Lighthouse Board Game Box

Exit: The Game + Puzzle – The Deserted Lighthouse may have one of the longest names in the series, but it also offers something very original. Players have puzzles to solve normally, but they are also tasked with completing puzzles that will help them along the way.

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Players are generally very impressed with the creativity of this game as it accomplishes things with puzzles that most people would never have thought of. The game offers originality, interesting ideas and puzzles for players who appreciate this aspect.

4 Escape Room: The Game – Virtual Reality brings players into the digital world

Escape Room The Game Virtual Reality Components in Box VR

Escape Room: The Game attempts to bridge the gap between board games and real escape rooms even further by bringing this game to virtual reality. The game comes with cardboard virtual reality glasses that will use the player’s phone and transport them to a virtual world. The game plays the same way as other escape room games, except that key clues will be found in virtual space, leading players to roam digital rooms and discover new things as they play. The game is considered one of the most immersive escape games ever made.

3 To open! Heroic adventures bring literary legends to life

Unlock the lid of the Heroic Adventures board game box

To open! Heroic Adventures comes with 3 unique games in the box. One of them is based on sherlock holmesone is based on Alice in Wonderland, and the last one takes place in the world of video games. Each game has a different difficulty level, letting players decide how difficult they want their experience to be. Heroic Adventures is an excellent springboard for players who are fans of these themes but have not yet experienced escape games. It also offers a tutorial scenario to learn the game without reading the rules.

2 Exit: The Game – Catacombs of Horror Bring Thrills to Escape Games

Quit Game Catacombs of Horror Box on Table

Most escape games are designed around fun settings for families and players of all ages. The Catacombs of Horror takes place in a much more sinister and dark world. The game allows horror fans to experience an escape game designed for them and face scary sights, evil enemies and diabolical threats.

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The game is split into two parts as it is a longer experience than most other games of its type, allowing players to play through it all at once or split it into different sessions.

1 Exit: The Game – Advent Calendar: Mystery of the Ice Cave Lets Players Enjoy the Holidays in a New Way

Exiting the Game Advent Calendar The Mystery of the Ice Cave Box

Advent calendars are one of the most purchased items during the holiday season. Many people like to buy these calendars for their children or for themselves. They usually include chocolate or toys like Lego and Funko Pop! The figures. Output: the game decided they’d like to join in the fun too, but this time the Advent Calendar would be a full-fledged escape game and story that players could play for 24 days. Players can, of course, play it as a normal escape game if they wish.

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