13 boy groups forgot the time (but we didn’t)


In 2014, the world of boy bands begins and ends with One Direction. Yet if you go back to the late 90s and early 2000s, where boy groups synchronized their dance moves and wore utterly ridiculous outfits, this was the battle for group supremacy between the Backstreet Boys and the NSYNC. (Keep the BSB pride alive!)

However, many other groups have attempted to steal their crowns, some that you may remember fondly, others not.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look at 13 of those boy groups who for a brief moment had a poster on my bedroom wall and held a place in my heart, and probably yours. too.

1. Take this

Take a look at the magic of their video for “Back to Good”. It features the guys and such a fabulous Robbie Williams, singing in the rain, showing off questionable dance moves, wearing fur jackets and sunglasses at night, basically everything a ’90s video should be. .


Dressed in puffy jackets, overalls and chunky turtlenecks (that was in the 90s we all made fashion mistakes) these guys danced all over a bowling alley and in my heart with their video for “When the lights go out “.

3. LFO

This boy band trio took over all of the “Summer Girls” because they made us wear way too many Abercrombie & Fitch and “wishing a shooting star” for us to notice. Yet, unfortunately, we weren’t “The Girl on TV”.

4. BBMak

Don’t you feel like every time you turned on “TRL” the BBMak video for “Back Here” was on? Now, as I look back at their chiseled cheekbones and soft voices, I sing, “I miss you, I want you, I need you so much.”

5. Westlife

Westlife had a hit song in the United States in 2000 with “Swear It Again”, but their real claim to fame was obviously when they were crowned Battle of the Boy Bands winners by MTV in 2012.

6. All-in-one

Their song, “I Swear” is the slow jam we’ve been waiting all night to hear at our dance in college, because obviously if your teenage crush asked you to dance to that song, then he “got you. loved with every beat “of his heart. Watch again and relive that awkward moment.


7. Boyzone

Boyzone didn’t have as much success in the US as some of the other boy groups on this list, but that didn’t seem to bother me because “No Matter What”, I was a fan.

8. O-Town

These guys caused a stir by giving us a little too much information about their “Liquid Dreams”, a song meant to stay in your head and at the same time put you a little bit off.

O-Town “Liquid Dreams” of Andre Austin to.

9. Day26

If Diddy liked them, so did I. These “Making the Band” alumni “Got Me Going” in 2008 when their debut album hit number 1.

10. 2GE + HER

“Say it (don’t spray it)” because you all know “U + Me = Us”. How do we know this? Because I know my “calculation”. Ok, seriously, 2GE + HER was arguably one of the best things to come out of MTV. Never.


11. B2K

The quartet made us say “Uh Huh” when they sang about our “Bump Bump Bump”, but unfortunately after filming “You Got Served” the band said goodbye.


Now even if these Canadian guys pretend they’re not a boy band since they play their own instruments, I would have to tell them “Ooh, that’s kinda crazy” because in my teenage eyes they are. were, and this is how I will remember them.

13. Another level

This bunch of boys got right to the point, they weren’t interested in love, they just wanted to be your “bad guy” and “lick you up and down”, basically they just wanted to get a little weird. Do not believe me ? Take a look below.


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