9 Best Fictional Boy Bands From TV And Movies


Boyz 4 Now fans all over the world are dying to know if the beloved band will appear in the next release. Bob’s Burgers movie. Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a proud proclamation, lots of people are fans of boy bands, and that’s why they’re so often satirized and reproduced in fictional media.

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From cartoon classics to live action shows and movies, there are plenty of fictional boy bands to dream and sing about. Even from fictional bands, the songs are still catchy because boy band songs are absolute bops. However, the best way to gauge the greatness of a fictional boy band is to observe their dedication to the genre, how they relate to each other, and how they treat their fans.


9 Party Posse – The Simpsons

The simpsons is rife with satire, so it makes sense that the show would address the boy band craze that has swept across many nations for decades. In the season 12 episode “New Kids on the Blecch”, the Party Posse is formed.

It’s great fun watching Bart Simpson and a bunch of his friends and foes turn into a boy band. They are excellent at what they do, however, due to the nature of The simpsonsit’s over when the episode is over, which makes Party Posse less authentic compared to the other big fictional ones.

8 The Oh Boyz – Kim Possible

Kim Possible's Oh Boyz sing on stage

The Oh Boyz appear in Season 2 of Kim possible in the episode “Oh Boyz”, in which they are kidnapped by Señor Senior Senior to blackmail their record label, Defteen records.

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Much like the name of their record label and many of their song lyrics, the Oh Boyz exist more to poke fun at boy bands than pay homage to them. However, it’s impressive that two of the Oh Boyz members are voiced by ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone and Lance Bass.

7 Boys Who Cry – Spongebob

The group Boys Who Cry in the episode Spongebob Squarepants

When Pearl Finally Convinces Mr. Krabs To Spend The Money To Throw Him A Birthday Party In Season 4 Sponge Bob SquarePants episode “Whale of a Birthday”, Boys Who Cry debuted in the popular 1990s cartoon.

However, they don’t make it easy for their fans. The Boys Who Cry charge a million dollars to appear at the party. Even though Mr. Krabs can technically afford it when SpongeBob takes the liberty of making a payment, it’s still steel enough to show up for their biggest fan. Real boy bands have done more for less.

6 Boyz Next Door – Girls5Eva

Girls5eva's Summer and Kev stare at something in shock.

While Girls5Eva is all about the ladies and getting their girl band together, there’s a boy band element to the show to really paint a full picture of the era Girls5Eva arrived.

Not much is known about Boyz Next Door yet, and it’s not clear if more will be revealed, but as of now, Andrew Rannells plays the only member the public knows. However, Andrew Rannells as Kevin Hamlin is enough to get an amazing window into the Boyz Next Door with his radical bangs and amazing song “Boyz Next Door (Puber-Dude)”.

5 Connect3 – Camp Rock

Any kid who grew up in the mid-2000s knows camp rock and in-universe boy band Connect3. Anyone who hasn’t looked Camp Rock might still recognize the image as the Jonas Brothers, a real-life boy band.

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The Boys do a great job playing a fictional boy band and singing the songs, but Connect3 lacks all the charm of the Jonas Brothers. The movie starts with them not getting along, and the three feel pretty disjointed, mostly because it was written for a singular pop star and turned into a band to add Kevin and Nick into the movie once Joe has reserved the role.

4 The Style Boyz – Popstar: never stop, never stop

Popstar never stop never stop

Popstar: never stop, never stop is a lesser-known comedy that brilliantly parodies the feature-length pop music documentary genre and stars The Lonely Island of Saturday Night Live Fame.

It’s one of the best fictionalized boy band renditions because The Style Boyz are the real deal. They have great music, a signature style, a signature dance, and they value their relationship with each other as members of the band. They will have difficult conversations about friendship when they need it.

3 Boyz 4 Now – Bob’s Burgers

Boyz 4 Now by Bob's Burgers performs in concert

Some of the best episodes of Bob’s Burgers are those featuring the boy band from the hit show, Boyz 4 Now. They are so good at what they do that even Louise gets on board and goes to the concert with Tina, a success that speaks for itself.

Their greatness is displayed more in their hits like “(I Wanna Hear Your) Secrets” and “I Love U So Much (It’s Scary)” which play more as the type of parody is a love letter to boy bands simultaneously. The crew takes care of each other, like making sure Boo Boo is in his booster seat, and they’re pretty nice to Tiny and Louise when they’re on the bus.

2 Boyz N’Motion – It’s So Raven

Boyz ‘N Motion from season 3 episode of It’s so raven titled “Boyz ‘N Concussion” is a boy band to be reckoned with. Their signature song “Boyz ‘N Motion” has stuck in fans’ minds for decades.

They tick all the boxes for the most important boy bands. They are dedicated to their genre and work hard enough to get into song and choreography every time they remember one of their songs, they are clearly close to each other and they are humble enough to go to a restaurant laid back like the Chill Grill and are kind to Raven and her family when stuck in their house.

1 4 * City – Red bend

The newest addition to the fictional boy band is Disney/Pixar’s 4* Town Become red. Obviously, they are a worthy addition since they beat the others.

4*Town is so true to life that they even have two members, Aaron T and Aaron Z, who are underrated by fans in favor of the other members. Beyond that silly addition, they have amazing songs written by Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, and they really deliver and help Mei in a time of tremendous need, which is the ultimate gift boy bands give to their fans.

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