A-Train got revenge in the most brutal way


The following contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, “Herogasm,” now streaming on Prime Video.

One of the most unexpected aspects of The boys Season 3 was A-Train’s redemption arc. Many hated him for flattering Homelander in previous seasons, even if it was out of fear. Unfortunately, after returning to The Seven, he became a pet for the tyrant again. He sold Supersonic, allowing Homelander to kill the spy and tighten his grip on Vought International; something Homelander is up to with Stan also being ousted.

However, the speedster soon realized he was giving in to a vicious system that affected his own parents after watching Vought do nothing against the racist Blue Hawk. This came to a head when Blue Hawk attacked more black people in A-Train’s neighborhood, crippling A-Train’s brother, Nate, in the process. Luckily, in the last episode, A-Train got revenge in the most brutal way, but the toll was dire.

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A-Train was frustrated after Ashley, Homelander’s gofer, made it clear that he would not reprimand Blue Hawk for his sins. They wanted to present a strong and united corporate front, and make citizens fear that Supes bodes well for the advancement of crime. She even called him out on his wayward antics of days gone by as A-Train killed people like Hughie’s girlfriend Robin, proving he was a hypocrite.

Eventually, her emotions came to a head at the Herogasm sex party hosted by the TNT Twins. There, Hughie confronted him, but he apologized rather than fight the geek. It was genuine, but Hughie punched it anyway, knowing that A-Train didn’t care in the past about the innocent people he killed. As such, once the party exploded thanks to Soldier Boy battling Homelander, A-Train had a window of opportunity for revenge.

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The place caught fire, with Hughie teleporting and an energized Billy helping to destroy the adult romp, leading to Blue Hawk wandering outside in his underwear. A-Train, no longer in a fake excuse, was triggered, grabbed it and then sped off, dragging Blue Hawk through the streets. He remixed The Flash super move from Injustice 2, but with a much bloodier spin, because by the time A-Train came to a halt, all that was left was a mutilated body, bloodstains on the asphalt, and entrails on the street.

Unfortunately, the use of his power caused A-Train to have a heart attack – which the doctors had warned him about in previous seasons due to his addiction to Compound V. As he held back his super-speed in season 3, this moment of rage was worth it, allowing A-Train to eliminate a racist and avenge his injured brother. Hopefully A-Train survives, but Homelander won’t be happy with the speedster’s insubordination and weakness due to his shifting moral compass, and ultimately, a failing heart that shows the Seven are indeed vulnerable.

New episodes of The Boys Season 3 release Friday on Prime Video.


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