Akram and Youn unhappy with PCB’s social media posts about locker room


Fast bowling big names Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis have slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board for sharing clips from the locker room on social media.

The PCB’s social media is one of the most active compared to other cricketing teams in sharing videos, interviews and other happenings including pep talks inside the dressing room.

PCB posted a video of Babar Azam’s speech after the loss to India in the first game of the T20 World Cup and then they also shared the videos of Babar and mentor Matthew Hayden giving pep talks to others players in the locker room shortly after the team qualified for the semi-finals on Sunday.

Akram and Younis felt that everything that happens inside a locker room should be kept confidential and not revealed to the world.

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“Listen, I was in Babar Azam’s shoes, I would stop the guy from making videos because sometimes very personal things are said and done and can be embarrassing if leaked,” Akram said on the A sport channel.

“It’s good to allow fans to interact with their favorite players via social media, but it’s getting too much.

“I don’t think I’ve seen another team go this far in this World Cup or before this. I can understand the desire to increase subscribers and get views, but it’s too much.”

Interestingly, when Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe and were struggling to secure a place in the World Cup semi-finals, the PCB’s social media unit remained silent with even the president preferring to remain silent.

But as soon as Pakistan reached the semi-finals after the win over Bangladesh, the PCB resumed posting videos of the players, including travel diaries, pep talks, social media interviews with even President Ramiz Raja hammering tweets.

Akram said such video recordings taking place inside and outside the locker room are also inconvenient for players.

“There are recordings happening all the time. Imagine if I’m sitting around and I don’t know someone is recording – a message I want to convey to my team,” he said.

Younis also supported Akram’s view and noted that in the past Pakistani cricket had suffered because it had a history of leaking dressing room information and incidents.

“I agree 100 per cent with what Wasim said. Whatever happens inside the dressing room should stay there,” he said.

“It’s a problem not only now, but also earlier when a lot of information was leaked to the media – people used to be shouting, arguing, fighting. And now you’re recording and showing yourself- even locker room events to the world,” he said.


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