Arizona Cardinals’ Lecitus Smith lifts the curtain on the offensive line room


TEMPE — The Arizona Cardinals offensive line room is a tight-knit group.

Filled with rookies and veterans, the group is bursting with personality.

Thanks to the help of OL rookie Lecitus Smith on Friday, he ensured Arizona Sports with another layer of the line in a rapid fire frame.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Arizona trenches:

Who is the funniest lineman?

Black-smith: ” Sean Harlow. Harlow is just a funny guy. He’s always in a good mood and every time, no matter if it’s in the morning, afternoon after a practice or if it’s later after a procedure not step by step, he’ll always joke around when he’s not around and just goof off. He’s always going to make fun of us rookies. I’d say Sean Harlow. Otherwise, it’s Marquis Hayes.

Who’s the baddest lineman in the room?

Black-smith: “Will Hernández. Absolutely.”

Who has the biggest voice?

Black-smith: “DJ Humphries. Without a doubt, DJ”

Who is the best cook?

Black-smith: “We didn’t even dive too far into the kitchen. I heard Rodney say a few things about being on the grill and smoking meat. He seems to know what he’s doing. ME being so young compared to these guys, I hate to say me. They’ve been around the neighborhood a lot more than me, but you know what? I go there with myself.

Who has the weirdest hobby?

Black-smith: “It’s not necessarily a hobby, but every time I have to go to the store for my rookie duties, every time I go, Beach (Kelvin Beachum) is going to want the bag of white cheddar chips. He loves them so much that I just can’t get the personal bag. I need to get the family size. He’s more than likely going to finish this in two days of movie sittings.

Who has the best round trip?

Black-smith: “Marquis Hayes and Cody Ford. These two guys went to Oklahoma together so they’re boys. It’s love of course, but they’re still playing with each other.

Who has the best freestyle on Freestyle Fridays?

Black-smith: “I can’t freestyle. I can’t rap. I can not do it. So we sort of ended that, I think, because of that. Marquis Hayes knows how to rap very well. when he’s with the band he usually throws a few bars over there, but I can’t do that.


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