Aske’s Haberdashers boys’ school invests £ 20million in new buildings


A private school has announced that it is close to completing its state-of-the-art multimillion-pound university center by the start of the next school year.

Haberdashers ‘Aske Boys’ School in Elstree is investing £ 20million in two new buildings that will house 46 new classrooms, for core subjects such as math, English, modern languages, theology, philosophy and economics.

A new theater studio will also be created.

Construction began in the spring of last year and the school is on track to open the facilities to students in the summer term of 2022.

Habs Boys‘ CGI Landscape View

The school says the new buildings and facilities are designed to “inspire dynamic teaching and learning”, enabling a “more flexible and adaptable, forward-looking approach to teaching”.

The university hub will also include a range of light and airy relaxation areas for teaching and study.

CGI inside the new buildings offered at Habs Boys

CGI inside the new buildings offered at Habs Boys

Speaking about the new facilities, Gus Lock, Director of Habs Boys’, said: “We are now entering a very exciting phase in the development of our campus. We are fortunate to have been able to continue construction for the past five months as we are currently occupying the old classrooms pending completion.

“Our students are naturally enthusiastic about using the new facilities, which are modern, spacious and have plenty of natural light. The environment will allow more versatile learning approaches and, most importantly, will also allow us to expand our partnership programs. ”

Mr. Lock added: “Our plans do not end there. The evolution of the Habs is an ongoing journey towards excellence with a commitment to providing an exceptional education to today’s youth.

The new STEM building at the Habs Girls school

The new STEM building at the Canadiens girls’ school

Last year, Haberdashers ‘Aske Girls’ School unveiled its new £ 11million STEM building, boosting its IT and science offering.

The new space contains 15 laboratories and a large multipurpose space to host conferences and experimental demonstrations.


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