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What do you think of tent camping with the whole family? It doesn’t have to be crowded and uncomfortable, as some might think. Many multi-room tents offer some of the comforts of home, like a measure of privacy and enough room for your bedding and gear.

Multi-Room Tent Buying Guide

A large split camping tent set up in the wild with a couple sitting next to the tent.

Why buy a multi-room tent?

If you have a large group that wants to go camping, using a multi-room tent is one of the best options for everyone to rest without feeling crowded. The space can be divided into designated areas for children, adults, supplies, and maybe even pets. Also, if you’re a fan of the great outdoors and are trying to convince your comfort-loving kids, friends, or loved ones to give camping a try, buying a comfortable multi-room tent can be a great idea. investment towards a compromise.

What should you look for in a multi-room tent?

  • Accommodation capacity : A useful rule to keep in mind is to get a tent with one more bedroom than the number of adults you expect in your party. For example, you might want to buy a four-person tent for a party of three. This way you will have more space for storage or more privacy if needed. Young children can share a space.
  • Privacy: Some multi-room tents come with room dividers for privacy, while others don’t, so consider the level of privacy you and your group might need. Some tents have removable partitions that allow you to close off an area when needed for more privacy, then open it again for additional open space. Also consider how important it is to you that each room has its own door. More entry and exit points will provide more privacy and less sleep disturbance.
  • Height: When deciding how tall you will need for a multi-room tent, consider how much time you and your group will actually spend inside and whether or not you would comfortable squatting. If you mainly sleep there, the height may not be hugely substantial, but for the best ease of movement inside the tent, look for one that is at least 6 feet tall.
  • Lester: Multi-room tents can weigh 20 to 50 pounds or even more. If you need to carry it packed any distance, one option is to choose a tent with components that can be separated so that more people can help carry it. Check the listed weight before ordering so you know what to expect and plan accordingly.
  • Rain: A rainfly is a tent accessory that fits over the mesh top and is designed to prevent rain and other precipitation from entering the tent. A full-coverage rainfly extends all the way to the ground to protect your tent from heavy rain and wind. If you like camping in an area prone to severe storms, you might want to consider investing in a tent with a full-coverage flysheet.

What additional features might you find in multi-room tents?

Many multi-room tents offer several comfort-enhancing features that you might want to look for. For example, some tents include a screened porch, giving campers a nice outdoor space to enjoy without being completely exposed to the elements. Additionally, you’ll likely come across multi-room tents with storage pockets and spaces for easy access to a flashlight and items like your phone or glasses. Several tent options offer large screened windows or a sunroof to let in natural light.

Our picks for the best multi-room tents

Best Four Room Tent

Advantages: This spacious tent from Fortunershop has four rooms that can be separated for optimal privacy. When it’s time to create an open common space, room dividers can be attached. Each bedroom has its own door and 12 windows throughout the tent provide ventilation and natural light. In addition, behind the flysheet there is a transparent mesh ceiling which allows for additional air circulation. The ceiling is 6.5 feet high, so most users will be able to stand up and move around easily inside the tent. The accompanying electronic port and numerous storage pockets can help everyone stay connected and organized throughout the camping trip.

The inconvenients: Users may experience leaks if it rains heavily while using the tent. High winds and rain can also cause problems with support poles breaking.

Conclusion : If space is your main concern, this 14 person occupancy tent may be able to ease your worries. With this option, the group can enjoy good personal space and the ability to stand and move around comfortably. Bad weather can cause a few headaches due to the material of the tent, so you might want to watch the forecast for your area.

Best Three Piece Tent

Advantages: Our next tent is the Ozark Trail 10-Person Modified Dome Tent, which features three rooms and a 30-square-foot screened porch perfect for lounging around or leaving muddy shoes behind. The 137 square foot tent can accommodate three queen air mattresses or 10 people in sleeping bags. When it’s time for everyone to get together, the room dividers can be pulled out to create one large common area. In addition, this tent is equipped with an electronics port, a device pocket and additional storage pockets to keep everyone’s items neatly organized.

The inconvenients: The roof is fully mesh, with a retractable flysheet, which can be good for ventilation but can also let in rain. Users have also mentioned that this tent is not ideal in sandy areas due to the mesh roof.

Conclusion : This is a spacious tent with a porch that is lightweight and easy to set up and carry. The truss roof can provide good air circulation and star gazing opportunities, but may not be the best choice if you are camping in a sandy area.

Best Two-Piece Tent

Advantages: This UNP two-room tent is ideal for family camping since it can accommodate 10 sleeping bags or three queen air mattresses, with room for gear and storage. Although this tent is quite roomy when set up, it is lightweight and easy to carry, weighing just over 23 pounds. The tent has a room divider for added privacy in each area and is simple to assemble. The large domed tent has two doors and five windows for ventilation and a power access port to connect your devices to a power supply.

The inconvenients: It can be difficult to keep zippers working properly at entry points. There are fabric flaps that can tend to get caught in zippers, causing them to stick.

Conclusion : Although convenient to transport and set up, it is a large size tent that is well suited for families. Its 6.5-foot height allows adults and children to stand up and move around comfortably.

Better organization

Advantages: Just because you’re sleeping in the woods doesn’t mean you can’t keep everything in its place! This 12-person tent with closet and organization space can help. The cabin design of this multi-room tent has a single entry with two hanging corner organizers, two deep closets with hanging mesh organizers, and a coat hanger with four carabiners. For large camping parties, moveable room dividers create a three-room space with some privacy. Other handy features include a mud mat, electronics port, two strings of hanging LED lights and a rolling storage bag.

The inconvenients: The installation instructions for this tent may not be clear and understandable to all users. Some seasoned campers have been able to set it up without using the instruction sheet.

Conclusion : Everyone can keep their clothes and gear neat and tidy with this cabin-style tent. Camping groups of up to 12 people will appreciate the space and privacy, but you can expect assembly to take a little longer.

Best Connectable Set

Advantages: This set of tents from Coleman is a starter pack with two tents that can be used separately or connected. The six-person tent includes three zippered connection points, allowing you to add two additional small tents or another six-person tent if desired. When attached, each tent has its own convenient entrance. Both tents pack into a wheeled carry case for hassle-free travel and storage when camping is done. Other features include storage pockets to keep small items handy, roof and window ventilation and an extension cord access port.

The inconvenients: There may be leaks during heavy rain. Make sure all connection points are fully zipped to minimize leaks in the event of rain.

Conclusion : If versatility is what you’re looking for, this could be a great option for you. After using this starter pack, you can decide to expand the space by adding another 6-person tent or two smaller tents. Although the rainfly is generally effective in preventing wash-off in light rain, heavy storm rain can potentially seep through.

Final Thoughts

After spending a day enjoying the outdoors, you need enough rest to continue the next day’s adventures. Having the right multi-room tent can mean the difference between well-rested campers and a mean, grumpy crew. Our picks offer the features you need for comfort, convenience and privacy to help your group have a positive camping experience.


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