Big E on what new WWE signing got the locker room talking


WWE Champion Big E recently spoke with Planet Struggle about Xavier Woods becoming King of the Ring. He revealed that the goal is for Woods to one day be the World Champion, as Big E explained how he hopes Woods will now have more opportunities.

“Yeah, that’s the dream, man; That’s the point. Xavier Woods has been an incredibly talented guy and so good at everything he does, but he just needed that opportunity, ”said Big E.“ I think when people see him in a lot of those singles matches , see him as the king of the ring, to get there – you know years ago people didn’t think I was ready for this, but you need those opportunities. I hope more doors will open to him. He’s an incredible talent, he’s so charismatic, such an incredible talker, and so good in the ring. One thing I love about Woods is that with every game he’s always adding something new. A new movement, a new transition, a new little sprinkling. He is so innovative and I am so proud of him.

Speaking of the future, another wrestler the member of The New Day spoke to was Gable Steveson. The Olympian is yet to make his WWE debut, but Big E has spoken of potentially defending his title against him. He also praised what Gable Steveson has already achieved in his life.

“Seeing what he did at the Olympics, watching his Olympic gold medal game, just amazing. We were all talking about it in the locker room so the fact that he’s here in WWE obviously needs time to train and prepare, ”said the WWE Champion. “But when the time is right, if he wins this shot and he’s ready for it, then I totally agree. I’m a huge fan of everything he has done, he’s just an amazing good athlete. The fact that he’s still in college, for example, he can still win another national championship. It’s kinda crazy. But yeah, say hello, and I’m excited to see what he’s doing in WWE.

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