Bills Locker Room Karaoke Goes Wild When Josh Allen Gets Dragged In


To say the Buffalo Bills were loose on the Friday before their Sunday Night Football game against the Packers would be an understatement. The dressing room was completely turned around in an incredibly wild and extremely fun-to-watch karaoke session.

The Buffalo Bills locker room karaoke sounds a lot like an explosion.

Dion Dawkins kicked things off and went live on Instagram. He was joined by running back Taiwan Jones – in a wig – and tight end Dawson Knox.

They started the performance with Chris Stapleton’s biggest hit, “Tennessee Whiskey,” and really got going, with microphones and everything.

“Sing that shit, Dawson,” the shirtless left tackle says.

From there, things got more chaotic. From country to pop, the vocals shifted to Vanessa Carlton’s classic “A Thousand Miles” and quickly went off the rails.

During the second song, Josh Allen was swept into the action, wearing socks with fangs. He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic at first, but Dawkins and Jones forced him to have fun before he broke loose and ran away.

“IT’S MOTHERF-KING JOSH ALLEN, BABY!” proclaims Isaiah McKenzie.

If that wasn’t entertaining enough for an afternoon, a third song started playing on the speakers – Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. And she, McKenzie, Jones and Dawkins hit the chorus, backup quarterback Matt Barkley came in off-camera… like a wrecking ball.

To say they did would be a significant understatement. Barkley was screaming, the boys were buzzing and they even got into a semi-coherent and coordinated dance.

The tickets were lit in the locker room on Friday. Considering Buffalo seems like the team to beat in the AFC, camaraderie plays a big role. When you have fun, you play better. It’s scientific.


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