Boys School HS Rugby Week 4 Standings


As you can see we have a lot of blank lines under ‘Ratings’ and of course that’s because those teams aren’t playing.

They will be soon. We have the Ra Puriri Invitational happening in a few weeks in St. George, Utah, which will help, and more games coming up in Northern California. The North Carolina School League enters the playoffs, then SoCal does the same. Meanwhile, the weather is expected to improve in Texas and more games will be held there.

We were really, really tempted to put De La Salle first, but we’ll wait for one or two more results to see if they can still knock out strong teams like Mother Lode (who, you’ll recall, beat Jesuit Sacramento ). Cardinal Gibbons moves into the Top 10 and that’s what happens when you’re in the top 50 twice in a row and you limit your last two opponents to eight points overall. But as we’ve said before, there are so many more games to come that Gibbons fans should expect to drop.

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South Meck nudges. We thought long and hard about getting Ardrey Kell into the Top 50 after a great win last week. But the problem is that AK’s wins were largely undone and their losses weren’t particularly close. The upcoming playoffs should therefore help us. Even if Ardrey Kell loses to South Meck, what if they are competitive? If they are down 36-20, that means they should be seeded. If the margin is large, then maybe not.

Rank Previous Team Remarks
1 1 Herriman (UT)
2 2 St. Ignatius (OH)
3 3 De La Salle (CA) Defeat Mother Lode (C13)
4 4 Gonzaga (DC)
5 5 Jesuit of New Orleans (LA)
6 6 Torrey Pines (California) Beat Centennial HS
7 7 Regis Jesuit (CO)
8 12 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Defeat Key Biscayne
9 8 Staples (CT)
ten 9 Greenwich (CT)
11 ten Preparation of Georgetown (MD)
12 11 Saint Thomas Aquinas (KS)
13 13 Moeller (OH)
14 14 St. Edward (OH)
15 15 Catholic Cathedral (CA)
16 16 St. Augustine (CA)
17 17 Jesuit of Sacramento (CA) Beat the San Joaquin Memorial
18 18 Xavier (NY)
19 19 Penn (DE)
20 20 Gregory the Great (AP)
21 21 Strake Jesuit (TX) Weather cancellation
22 22 Bishop Dwenger (IN)
23 23 Fallbrook (California)
24 24 Preparation of St. Joe (PA)
25 29 South Meck (NC) Beat Myers Park (32)
26 25 Olympia (UT)
27 26 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH)
28 27 St. Louis U High (MO)
29 28 Brother Martin (LA) Match with St. Paul’s postponed
30 30 Charlotte Catholic (NC)
31 31 Jesuit of Dallas (TX)
32 32 Myers Park (NC) Lost to South Meck (29)
33 33 West Lake, Texas
34 34 Kingfishers (KS)
35 35 Bixby (okay)
36 36 Capital HS (ID)
37 37 HS East (UT)
38 38 LaSalle (PA)
39 39 Owyhee (ID)
40 40 Palm tree (CO)
41 41 HS East (CO)
42 42 Belmont High (Massachusetts)
43 43 Pelham (New York)
44 44 BC High (MA)
45 45 Brother Rice (IL)
46 46 Monarch (CO)
47 47 Delbarton, New Jersey
48 48 St. Augustine (NJ)
49 49 Father Ryan (TN)
50 50 Rocky Mountain (ID)

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