Boys School HS Rugby Week 8 Standings


It was a very successful week with over 30 ranked teams playing matches and around 30 games between ranked opponents.

There was significant buzz surrounding St. Ignatius’ 54-0 victory over Royal Irish, but cool heads will say to take that result with a grain of salt and not award the SIHS a national championship just yet. Hey, they don’t even make it to No. 1 considering De La Salle won almost as convincingly over Jesuit. With so much going on, we’ll try to limit our comments to the main players. What might arise is the question of why a team did really well and didn’t make much progress. We will also look at some of them.

Grégoire le Grand played Gonzaga close and followed that up with a shutout of the No. 27 Kingfishers. With four Top 10 teams inactive, GGA had the opportunity to move up 11 spots. Aquinas and Georgetown Prep also enter the Top 10. None of these spots are particularly safe. Cardinal Gibbons lost and went down, but the score was 17-12 for a very good Boca side, so they didn’t struggle too much.

Regis Jesuit breaks down but their #8 ranking was as we waited for other teams to enter the field. Regis lost a close game to East HS and another day we might have only dropped Regis two or three spots, but a) our policy when something like a #40 beats a #8 (which often happens at the start of the season) is usually to move the winner up and the loser down and they sort of meet in the middle, and b) in this case multiple teams in the 11-25 range have had good results, which means you go down a bit while several others go up a bit.

Therefore, for now, Regis drops to No. 20.

East HS, who beat Regis in a close game, move up to 16th place. We will need more results before things calm down in Colorado.

We brought in Long Beach Poly after maybe waiting too long to get them on board. We just didn’t know where they stood considering their original result against Torrey Pines was a 30-point loss. With a loss of five points, we can say, OK, LB Poly is for real. And since they will face the Jesuits this weekend, we have LB Poly and Jesuit Sacramento ranked side by side this week.

Bishop Dwenger rises after winning two games in a small tournament. Shortened games so they progress, but not too far. The results of the pre-season in the Lindenwood tournament move all the teams somewhat. Penn loses a few places.

Strake Jesuit’s 50+ loss to Woodlands takes them from #11 to #23. As we said, timing…several teams have done something this week. Meanwhile, remember we had moved Archbishop Moeller around quite a bit because we just weren’t sure they deserved the pressure of being No. 13. We needed to see results, and in games shortened, we saw Moeller lose twice, but very close games (and better margins than those suffered by St. Xavier). So they go up, from #13 to #45 to #27. We’ll keep an eye out.

Conestoga joins the leaderboard after beating Berks, and Olympus joins after a very close loss to a mighty SLV Rhinos. And watch out for Loyola Blakefield. They tied Gonzaga’s black team, which is their 2nd team, but a very good team, and this time they beat #37 Cumberland Valley 45-10. What? Yeah, that’s a big deal, partly because Loyola Blakefield and Calvert Hall play in their Maryland interscholastic league and don’t play much outside of their league. So this result gives us something to calibrate with.

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A note on teams not making the Top 50. We took St. Augustine and Delbarton out of New Jersey, but they can easily come back. Notre Dame de la Salette lost a few tournament matches but was competitive. We could have easily abandoned another team and put La Salette in. Instead, we expect one more result.

Games worth checking out this week:
#1 Da La Salle vs #5 Torrey Pines
#17 Long Beach Poly vs. #18 Jesuit Sacramento
#15 St. Edward vs. #27 Archbishop Moeller
#2 St. Ignatius vs. #21 Bishop Dwenger
St. Augustine NJ recently downgraded against #8 Georgetown Prep

Rank Previous Team Remarks
1 1 De La Salle (CA) Defeat Jesuit Sacramento (17)
2 4 St. Ignatius (OH) Defeat Royal Irish (C5)
3 2 Gonzaga (DC) Beat Santa Monica
4 3 Herriman (UT)
5 5 Torrey Pines (California) Defeat Long Beach Poly
6 6 Jesuit of New Orleans (LA)
7 12 Saint Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat Notre Dame de la Salette, Penn (19)
8 13 Preparation of Georgetown (MD) Beat Santa Monica
9 21 Gregory the Great (AP) Defeat kingfishers (27)
ten 7 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Lost to Boca Raton (C19)
11 9 Staples (CT)
12 ten Greenwich (CT)
13 15 Catholic Cathedral (CA) Defeat St. Augustine (14)
14 14 St. Augustine (CA) Lost at the Catholic Cathedral (15)
15 16 St. Edward (OH) Close defeat against Royal Irish (C9)
16 40 HS East (CO) Beat Regis Jesuit (8)
17 Unr Long Beach Poly (California) Close game lost against Torrey Pines (5)
18 17 Jesuit of Sacramento (CA) Lost to De La Salle (1)
19 18 Xavier (NY) Beat St. Augustine NJ (48), St. Joseph’s (23)
20 8 Regis Jesuit (CO) Lost to East HS (40)
21 25 Bishop Dwenger (IN) Beat Moeller (45), St. Xavier (29)
22 19 Penn (DE) Lost to STA (12), KC Jr. Blues (C35)
23 11 Strake Jesuit (TX) Lost in the woods (C18)
24 20 South Meck (NC)
25 24 Jesuit of Dallas (TX) beat rock
26 27 St. Thomas (TX) Beat Cy just
27 45 Moeller (OH) Lost to Dwenger (25), HSE-Fishers (46)
28 49 Loyola Blakefield (MD) Beat Cumberland Valley (37)
29 22 Charlotte Catholic (NC)
30 28 Myers Park (NC)
31 30 Father Ryan (TN) Beat Tennessee Rugby Academy
32 46 Bixby (okay) Defeat Liberty North
33 Unr Conestoga (Pennsylvania) Defeat Berks (28)
34 31 St. Louis U High (MO) Lost in Germantown
35 32 West Lake, Texas
36 33 Fallbrook (California)
37 34 Brother Martin (LA)
38 Unr Olympia (UT) Loss close to SLV (C20)
39 35 Capital HS (ID)
40 27 Kingfishers (KS) Lost to GGA (21)
41 23 Preparation of St. Joe (PA) Lost to Xavier (18)
42 29 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH) Lost to Dwenger (25), HSE-Fishers (C46)
43 36 LaSalle (PA)
44 37 Cumberland Valley (Pennsylvania) Lost to Loyola Blakefield (49)
45 38 Owyhee (ID)
46 39 Palm tree (CO)
47 41 Belmont High (Massachusetts)
48 42 Monarch (CO)
49 43 Pelham (New York)
50 44 BC High (MA)

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