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DEHRADUN: The principal, deputy principal and principal of Welham Boys’ School, a leading boarding school in Dehradun, were sentenced for “fostering enmity between groups” after an FIR was filed against the institute at the request of Bajrang Dal members for “inviting halal meat suppliers to the mess”.
The case was lodged at Dalanwala Police Station on Thursday evening following a complaint filed by Bajrang Dal’s Chairman in Dehradun, Vikas Verma. The complaint, a copy of which is with TOI, alleged that the school served halal meat even though students of all faiths were studying there. “The school has launched a tender to serve halal meat in the school canteen with the aim of converting students to religion. As a result of this act, the religious feelings of the Hindu community were hurt, ”he said.
Mahavir Singh, the officer in charge of the case, told TOI that the three school officials were sentenced under section 505 (2) of the Indian Penal Code, which relates to statements creating or encouraging the enmity, hatred or malice between classes. The article is knowable, cannot be released on bail, and provides for a prison term of up to three years, a fine, or both.
“There were discrepancies in the school’s statements, so we filed a complaint against them. We will investigate the matter, ”Singh said.
Earlier this week, members of Bajrang Dal broke into the school premises and protested against the tender for halal meat which was published in a newspaper last month. While halal is an Islamic mode of slaughter where the blood is drained from the animal, in jhatka the animal is killed instantly with one stroke.
The school administration had previously told TOI that it had posted advertisements for the two types of meat separately. Mahesh Kandpal, the school’s deputy headmaster, said the institute serves both halal and jhatka meat on its campus. On Friday, management was not available for comment.
Parents TOI spoke to said it was a ‘no problem’. “I never thought about the type of meat my son eats. He’s been studying there since 2014 and it was quite shocking to us that so much commotion was created for nothing. We sent our children to study there and that should remain the goal, ”said Namita Gupta, who runs an NGO in Kashipur.
Another relative, Vikas Munjal, a businessman based in Moradabad, said: “Why should this be a problem when we often eat frozen food where nothing is mentioned on the package regarding the type of food. meat it contains ”. Munjal, however, added that some parents might dispute that “halal” meat is served to their children.
The school’s alumni association also said the case appeared to have “exploded out of proportion.” Welham Old Boys’ Society President Gurjyotinder Singh said: “It seems the matter has been disproportionate, but the institute should have been more careful because it is a sensitive issue.”


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