Doylestown kicks off third annual Pride; Rainbow Room expands its programs


Central Bucks’ LGBTQ youth will find a warm welcome to Doylestown, as the borough prepares to celebrate Pride this week and the Rainbow Room launches new programs to reach the community’s youngest.

The third annual week-long Doylestown Pride begins on Sunday June 12 with a series of events, including a Block Party on June 18. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood recently announced a new program, called Roy G. Biv, that would reach LGBTQ youth. from the age of 10 in his Rainbow Room.

The festival and new program comes as Central Bucks grapples with LGBTQ issues at its schools.

“First and foremost, reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community and providing them with resources is always a necessity and something we’ve been proud to orchestrate for a long time,” said Sam Bobila, director of external affairs at Planned Parenthood. Keystone, which manages the Rainbow. Bedroom. “However, on a more modern note, we are concerned about the growing hostility and mistreatment of LGBTQ+ youth, and the anti-LGBTQ+ ideals being pushed in our community at large.”

Controversy has swirled in Central Bucks in recent months, with the district called to ban books with LGBTQ themes and criticized for removing pride flags from classrooms, not supporting teacher training on LGBTQ issues and discipline a college teacher seen as an ally for LGBTQ youth.

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Doylestown Celebrates Pride

From June 12-19, Doylestown Pride will revolve around food of all kinds, exhibited art, bicycling and relevant films.

Sunday, June 12 will be all about religious sermons at Salem United Church and a sold-out brunch at Genevieve’s Kitchen, while Tuesday and Sunday will bring festival film screenings to the County Theater. Wednesday’s Queer Youth Art pop-up celebration will feature lots of food, baked goods and an open-mic event at TileWorks.

Thursday is parks and recreation day as bike rides take to the streets, and Saturday is performance day as musicians take the big stage at the block party on East State Street.

If you are going to: visit Home | Doylestown Pride Festival ( for details of exact venues and activities.

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Rainbow Room creates a new youth program

The long-running Rainbow Room, a program offered to the Doylestown community by Planned Parenthood that provides ways for LGBTQ+ youth to connect and find each other, offered weekly meetings on Wednesdays for youth ages 14-21. The meetings feature a mix of education, recreation and advocacy, organizers say.

Kim Hagerich of Doylestown stands on the corner of State and Main Streets in the borough of Doylestown as a Pride caravan drives through town during a celebration of the LGBTQ community.

The recently added Roy B. Giv program will meet on Thursday and is open to children ages 10-14. It aims to help them understand their identity which can confuse them at such a young age while giving them the space to engage in recreational activities. as children should.

“That’s where we come in with these weekly get-togethers that allow students to live their identities, connect with their peers, and have fun, while receiving medically accurate sexual information that relates to who they are. “, said Bobila. “The Rainbow Room has been around for over 20 years, but Roy B. Giv is the meeting group we added this month to appeal to a slightly younger clientele who need the same attention.”

Larissa Hopwood, a children’s musician and advocate for children’s rights and education who has been involved in the recent protests against Central Bucks, played a monumental role in the creation of the Roy B. Giv reunion band. Her 13-year-old son, who is transgender, had not reached the age limit for previous Rainbow Room programming.

“This age is already a complicated time as a teenager, and it is a complicated day and age that differs from my upbringing, but that does not mean that I will not support my child and open my mind to a community that I can admit I don’t know everything,” said Hopwood, who will also be performing at Doylestown Pride.

Of the Rainbow Room, she said, “Helping to provide space for children who feel separated with these policies in place can rejuvenate spirits through simple things like movie nights, clothing swaps, community fundraisers and more.”

Learn more about the Rainbow Room at Learn more about Roy G. Biv on Instagram, @roy.g.biv.doylestown_


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