Drake has a Bluetooth toilet and a room just for rewards in his mega mansion


DuckThe $ 6.7 million mega mansion has been a favorite haunt for celebrities when they land in Toronto. YK Osiris is the last star to stop at Boy in love certified, and wasted no time showing fans around the 50,000 square foot mansion. When he arrived in the trophy room, the “Worth It” singer couldn’t believe his eyes, gushing:

“My God, that’s what you call fucking greatness, man. That’s what you call f ****** greatness. This is crazy, man. This is what I admire, I swear to God on my life. On my son, I do. Oh my God. Wow. It’s nasty, man. It’s mean here. Shit is getting really complicated, man.

The tour of Drizzy’s Canadian home, aka The Embassy, ​​didn’t end there. YK also recorded himself singing in the star’s living room while producer ATL Jacob played the piano, before trying out one of Drake’s automatic toilets, which operates remotely.

Fans can’t get enough of Drake and YK’s bromance. In September, Drake took to social media to roast the Def Jam signer who was visibly tired after playing a game of basketball at the “Way 2 Sexy” star’s home. He joked:

“Zero match won face ass bye go home your shitty note to showtime and MK. We walked the dog B2K Osiris in a light run on Wednesday.

That didn’t stop Osiris from paying $ 1,500 to have his heart shaved, just like the 6th God. The 23-year-old posted a photo of the cup on his Instagram, with the caption:

“Certified thug in love”

Check out more hilarious YK and Drizzy moments below.


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