Explorer finds ‘naughty boys room’ and bottle of HP sauce in abandoned brothel


City Sauna in Sheffield was the location used for A Very British Bordel, which aired on Channel 4 in 2015, but now it is dormant and is in terrible shape

An urban explorer has found a “naughty boy’s room” and a bottle of HP sauce inside an abandoned brothel – which recently featured on a Channel 4 TV show.

City Sauna in Sheffield was the location used for A Very British Brother, as reported by Yorkshire Live, but it has since been discontinued and it now looks a bit worse in wear.

Inside, the explorer found stained mattresses, used condoms and a price list, and photos from the trip were shared on the Lost Places & Forgotten Faces Facebook page.

The brothel had operated out of the converted pub in an area known as the city’s “Golden Sex Mile”, billing itself as a “massage parlor”, but they moved to new premises and that place took over. dust.

The house is very run down, with almost nothing still intact


Lost places and forgotten faces)

A list of those who had been paid was still on the wall


Lost places and forgotten faces)

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The explorer said: “I quickly got a feel for what was going on here, with old condoms in the showers, stained mattresses – this place was as shabby as it gets.

“One of the rooms had a very peculiar smell that must have lingered for years. A sort of mixture of urine and sweat.”

Images include a ‘bad boys room’ as well as mundane items including a shopping list and a stash of HP sauce.

A Very British Bordel presented the daily operation of the “sauna”, which was run by a mother and daughter, Cath and Jenny.

It gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at every aspect of the business, from how they established the daily rotations, to the unusual customers and weird requests they had.

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Some men who have used City Sauna just came over for tea and a chat, while others – including Food Man – had bizarre requests.

The brothel even held a Christmas raffle, with everyone who entered receiving a thin pie.

The City Sauna photos are just the latest shots to reveal the social history that is often right under our noses.

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