Family donation creates new Hopewell Hall


Rowly and Willie Martin’s generosity was recognized at the official opening of the Snoezelen Room at Hopewell Children’s Homes, in honor of Manijeh, their adopted daughter, who passed away on December 25, 2020.

The Martins donated $50,000.

The Martins have a deep connection to Hopewell because their grandson lives in Hopewell. The new Snoezelen Hall, named “Manijeh Hall”, will provide benefits beyond just residents of the Ariss, Ontario location. In fact, all residents of Hopewell will be able to experience and enjoy the benefits of this newly constructed space.

“Manijeh, our adopted daughter, left her mark everywhere she went, whoever she touched,” says Rowly. “She left Iran to be free, she rejected race, gender and religious servitude and embraced the freedom of Canada. Manijeh’s room at HOPEWELL reflects this freedom for people who can enjoy it. I knew Manijeh for 18 of her 20 years in Canada and watched her generous interactions with everyone she met – her family, new Canadians and even a Prime Minister.

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Rowly and Willie and honored to celebrate this grand opening with them, their family and our entire Hopewell team.” says Maria Zegarac, Executive Director.

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