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Fashion brand Adriana Iglesias dominates Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Now his label is making its way from Spain. The brand settles in the Design District and makes the 305 its home.

Sofia Vergara, Hailey Bieber, Angela Bassett and Saweetie have all slipped into Adriana Iglesias’ designs. Now you too, by slipping into its new SoFlo boutique.

Adriana Iglesias: “I had already been selling in Miami for five years now at Saks Fifth Avenue, also Neiman Marcus and other stores.”

When Adriana found herself hungry for a bigger piece of the fashion pie, she was inspired to open a boutique in Miami’s Design District.

Adriana Iglesias: “In Miami, most of the year, the weather is beautiful, and the people of Miami take advantage of this weather, so go out to dinner like every night.”

An active social life in South Florida forces you to up your fashion game. This is where Adriana comes in.

Adriana Iglesias: “I thought there was room for a brand with a personal flavor. I decided to make something easy to wear.

The designer is known for her Italian silk prints covered in floral and animal prints, and she attributes her inspirations to her travels.

Adriana Iglesias: “I love the sea, I love to travel and when I was sailing in the Mediterranean, I was inspired by Greece and Croatia. I am very interested in nature.

His pieces aren’t just beautiful; they are versatile.

Adriana Iglesias: “It’s a brand that you can wear easily, in the morning maybe when you drop your kids off at school, and maybe you can go out after work for something and come home , and maybe you don’t have time, and maybe you just take stilettos, and you’ll get the look.

As for what’s next…

Adriana Iglesias: “We are also going to introduce silk velvet, it’s a mixed fabric, with pajamas and bathrobes. We also do red carpet dresses, and yes, I’m excited to start bringing those to Miami.

Adriana Iglesias
140 NE 39th Street, Suite 206
Miami, Florida 33137

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