Five Korean boy groups have now created the # 1 -selling album in the US



In this week’s best-selling album ranking, Billboard look at which titles actually sold the most copies (as opposed to the more watched Billboard 200, which lists the most “consumed” releases, including streams and other forms of consumption), Seventeen launches its new short film Your choice at No.1. The South Korean male vocal group’s latest EP is their first to make the sales chart only, and by opening as high as a project can climb, it has helped the group (and all acts of their country of origin) are making history.

Seventeen are now the fifth boy group (or male vocal group, as you prefer) from South Korea to score a No. 1 hit album in America. Your choice opens in first place with just under 20,500 copies sold (according to MRC Data), which is a healthy sum in today’s streaming industry.

Among all the South Korean boy bands, BTS stands out by far as the most successful act on the best-selling album charts. The septet has now collected 10 placements in total, including eight top 10s and five no.1s. They have conquered the list with their outings. Love Yourself: Tear, Love Yourself: Response, Soul Map: Persona, Soul Map: 7 and more recently, To be.

Three other boy groups from South Korea not only managed to reach number one in the best-selling album charts, they did it twice. In fact, Seventeen is now the only act that fits that description to only peak once.

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NCT 127 joined BTS as the second South Korean musical group of any kind to reach No.1 on the best-selling album charts in 2019 with their set. We are superhuman, and they repeated the feat the following year with Neo Zone. A few months after scoring a historic victory in the best-selling album charts, SuperM did the same with their eponymous debut EP. The super group then returned to No.1 with Super one.

Last week, Tomorrow X Together became the fourth South Korean boy band to land a pair of tops when their new ensemble Chapter of Chaos: Freeze opened first. At the end of last year, they scored their first champion with Minisode1: The blue hour.

In addition to these five boy groups, only two other South Korean musical groups have landed a No. 1 hit album in the United States, as Blackpink and TWICE, female-only groups, also accomplished this incredible feat.

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