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Screenshot from JTBC’s “Peak Time” teaser video. (JTBC)

Each year, around 30 new boy groups debut on the K-pop scene, dreaming of the limelight and glitz that come with the idol lifestyle. But only a lucky few are lucky enough to rise through the ranks and gain the recognition they yearn for.

JTBC is launching a project to give a second chance to K-pop artists who failed to make a successful career.

According to JTBC, their upcoming program “Peak Time” will be a competition for boy groups who have already debuted.

“It’s an audition program for idol groups looking for a stage to perform. We’ll feature acts who may have lost their star power during the pandemic, gone through a long hiatus, had a major roster change, rookies in need of promotion, and others hoping to prove their potential in outside of Korea,” JTBC said in a statement on Monday.

Although there have been a slew of idol competitions in recent years, viewers are hoping this one will be special as it’s produced by the team that created “Sing Again”, the hit music show from JTBC. “Sing Again” ran for two seasons and was a huge hit between 2020 and 2021. The show gave talented but unknown musicians a chance to make a name for themselves.

Rather than simply judging the contestants on their performances, “Sing Again” gave us insight into their creative process, helping us empathize with the singers.

Yoon Hyun-joon and Ma Gun-young will reprise their roles in “Peak Time” as chief producer and producer, respectively.

Candidates will compete for a chance on a global stage. They will be mentored by some of the world’s foremost experts in production, performance, visual direction, and other skills needed to become a top idol singer.

Scheduled to air in the first half of 2023, “Peak Time” is now receiving applications for potential contestants through the program’s official website and social media platforms.

By Choi Ji-won ([email protected])


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