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A heavenly retreat in the backyard of a concrete jungle.

Since 1961, the Canadian international luxury brand, the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort, has been the epitome of continuous innovation for an extraordinary five-star hotel experience. The California Health & Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village has a 40,000 square foot spa, the largest of any Four Seasons hotel in the world. It offers a variety of services including massage therapy, dentistry, dermatology services, chiropractic care, concierge medical services, and Eastern and Western modalities in a state-of-the-art medical facility.

After a strenuous week in the Los Angeles office, we were captivated by the lush grounds and service culture of this particular property — seven stories containing 269 soundproof rooms with a 24-hour front desk. As soon as we jumped out of our Dodge Challenger SRT, we were greeted by a valet and walked past an enchanting array of crystal chandeliers throughout the lobby. Opposite check-in was a fancy coffee bar. A perfect blend for coffee and a quick bite. Adjacent is its first “Lobby Lounge” restaurant which offered picturesque views of the central grounds, including the whimsical waterfalls.

There is a wide range of equipment and services offered as part of the Taste of well-being package. The life strategies consultation was the first activity that 360 Magazine participated in. It is intended to give you a personalized plot, featuring realistic strategies for overcoming life’s obstacles, skills for conflict resolution and relationship building. This experience alone will motivate you to achieve your best and reduce unnecessary stress and conflict in your activities. Enable you to move forward in all aspects of your life. To ensure you maintain an optimal renewal experience, SomaDome Meditation is a must! It can be described as a personal meditation capsule, designed for maximum relaxation using soothing color immersion therapy. The SomaDome will take you out of its calm cocoon, invigorated and restored. It is the purest form of mental detoxification, which goes hand in hand with the Detox body wrap; which completes the experience of releasing you from unwanted tension and toxins in the body. With 28 individual treatment rooms (some with enclosed rain shower stalls and fireplaces), there’s literally no room for disruptions or interference. The Detox body wrap includes a full body exfoliation, scalp and neck massage, complete with a Nanogold Repair eye mask, using natural collagen which smooths out wrinkles, reduces redness and also evens out the skin. This deep therapeutic treatment relaxes intense muscles and gives an undeniable glow.

After our treatments, each of us snacked on granola, apples, and sipped herbal tea while gazing at the cascading indoor water fountain. Then we took advantage of the plunge pools, sauna, steam room and mosaic hot tub. We ended the long day of relaxation by strolling through the 450,000 square feet of the hotel. Don’t dare to go wrong by missing out on breathtaking views of the fifteen acres of verdant landscaping. We savored the spa salon, walked the grounds, reflected on our experiences and then was dinner. In the wellness kitchen, enjoy a glass of vino and dine during the “Wine Wednesday” demonstration cooking class led by Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE. Each meal is inspired by the current season, which you are visiting, and is paired with a balanced tasting from a local winery. It’s a great rejuvenating meal after a day of total relaxation (check the official website for dates and times). If you have toddlers and/or teenagers in tow, there’s a supervised kids’ club, as well as an arcade/game room to keep them happy. Plus, we all know a glass of Merlot can be messy, but don’t worry because dry cleaning and laundry services are on campus and eager to serve you. If you are a gifted person who is constantly improving your physical strength, the gym contains most of the equipment offered in the best fitness institutions, such as Equinox.

360 Magazine’s stay at the Four Seasons Westlake was one we hope to relive. Every moment has been savored, thought about and written down. Why? Because it seemed necessary to us to divide it and share with you all the subtleties. It’s not just a hotel; it is a home away from home, a relaxing destination and an inspiring practice that stimulates a new way of thinking, living and caring for oneself. It’s a place where millennials and baby boomers can join hands and agree on at least one thing; the calm and quiet level of service that the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort will offer you. If you weren’t invited, put it on your wish list for 2017 and make it happen! Other area attractions include the Westlake Village Boardwalk, Sherwood Lakes Club, hiking/biking trails, kayaking, and a nearby drop zone for skydiving. And, if you don’t have transportation, the hotel offers courtesy car service within a three-mile radius.

For more information on the Four Seasons Westlake Wellness platform, visit HERE.

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Article: Vaughn Lowery + Kevin Lamont Robertson


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