‘Heinous’ pedophile caught in hotel room waiting for eight-year-old girl


A pedophile was caught in the act of negotiating with a mother to have sex with her daughter.

What Jonathon David Henke, 46, didn’t realize was that he was actually talking to an undercover police officer.

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The Adelaide District Court, in a judgment published online, heard that Henke posted an advertisement on the ChaosAds site in October 2020.

“The ad was headlined ‘Man Seeking Mother and Very Young Daughter,'” Judge Adam Kimber said at sentencing.

Jonathan David Henke, 46 years old. Credit: South African Police

The pedophile was arrested by police in a hotel room after negotiating with a person he believed to be a mother, to have sex with his eight-year-old child.

Jonathon David Henke, 46, had an extraordinary lie to tell police when he was caught waiting in the room.

Adelaide District Court heard Henke posted an advertisement on a website called ChaosAds on October 2, 2020.

“The undercover officer pretended to be a 37-year-old mother of two young girls, ages five and eight,” Kimber said.

Kimber said Henke showed a “special interest” in the eight-year-old and days of lewd messages resulted in a “deposit” of $50.

Cash and condoms are seen on the hotel table.
Cash and condoms are seen on the hotel table. Credit: South African Police

“Among other things, you asked about the child’s sexual experience, asked for a photo, and asked if the child had been shown the photo you sent of your penis,” Kimber said.

The court heard Henke had booked a hotel room where he could have sex with the child, arriving there on October 23 with condoms and lube.

“The condoms were flavored and in the flavor you were told the child liked,” Kimber said.

His offense was brought to a halt when the police burst into the hotel room.

After reading the charges to her, he claimed he intended to report the policeman who he believed to be the little girl’s mother.

“You lied to the police and said you accepted communications with the intent of reporting to the police who you are communicating with,” Kimber said.

The court was told that Henke was willing to pay $600 to have sex with a child.
The court was told that Henke was willing to pay $600 to have sex with a child. Credit: South African Police

Henke was also found with child exploitation equipment.

The court heard Henke, who previously worked as a truck driver, posted the ad the same day his wife filed for divorce.

Kimber described the offense as “heinous” and he was at a “very real” risk of reoffending.

Henke was sentenced to a maximum sentence of five years and eight months in prison, retroactive to October 23, 2020.

He was sentenced to a period without parole of three years and six months.


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