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Dr Shereene Idriss is a longtime friend of Coveteur. As a certified dermatologist, founder of Idriss Dermatology, and creator of the #Pillowtalkderm series, Dr. Idriss is one of our go-to sources for all things skin care and skin health, delivered with his candor and bubbly personality. But unbeknownst to us, she is also the living embodiment of a Mariah Carey’s Christmas Meme.

As Dr. Idriss tells us, the holidays begin at his house immediately after Halloween, when the tree goes up. “Why are you just going to enjoy a Christmas tree for a week when you can enjoy it for two months?” She poses. This plus is more approach permeates her decor and the lavish feasts she plans with friends and family. Fittingly, even her holiday season skincare routine is getting a little more attention as she provides guidance for anyone about to celebrate a season filled with champagne, sugar and late night. . Below Dr. Idriss gives us a picture of his most perfect vacation plans and also shares some derm-approved beauty gifts to spread joy.

dr shereene idriss

Three words to describe your state of mind for the holiday season 2021:

“Excited, bubbly and energetic! ”

What is your most meaningful holiday tradition? Why is he special and how do you continue to keep him alive year after year?

“My most meaningful holiday tradition is to plant the Christmas tree after Halloween! I don’t know if it’s a tradition or something everyone does, but I love it. It’s my favorite time to go. year. Why are you just going to enjoy a Christmas tree for a week when you can enjoy it for two months? It makes everything comfortable, safe, warm and intimate. I keep it alive almost every year. ”

What did 2021 teach you about gratitude? And how do you practice gratitude during the holiday season?

“I’m incredibly grateful for everything. I’m grateful that my practice is up and running. I’m grateful that our health is first and foremost and my family is healthy. And finally, the kids are back to school because that I was losing my mind. That doesn’t change. I practice gratitude every day, I wake up and say ‘Thank God’ for everything. And for my health, first and foremost. ”

Skin care is, of course, a personal purchase. What are your suggestions for skin care products or gadgets that are usually amazing gifts for most people?

“I think a skin tightening gadget is always a fun product because we’ll all end up losing elasticity and sagging or sagging, so anyone can benefit from that unless we’re pregnant. And it’s also a folly that most people would never spend on themselves or think about spending on themselves. I like, for example, the NuFace the device or ZIIP. ”

dr shereene idriss
dr shereene idriss

Since the holidays can be a stressful and forgiving time (when it comes to late nights and maybe a little more champagne than you normally consume), are there specific things that you do to maintain the health of your skin during this period?

“Absolutely. I make sure I really spend that extra time showing TLC on my skin. In fact, since the sun goes down earlier, you can certainly benefit from using retinol a bit earlier all the way through. winter long. Once I get home, I literally slap everything and apply my skincare, especially my retinol products, to my face. I also think a scrub with a brightening exfoliating acid , like glycolic acid or lactic acid, can make all the difference this holiday season. And given all the alcohol consumption, I recommend hydrating. Yes, hydrating is sometimes considered fluffy, but it can make a difference if you drink more alcohol than normal. ”

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity this holiday season?

“I love decorating a house. Last year I wanted my house to look like a Downton Abbey Christmas party. I put garlands and nutcrackers everywhere; someone was sitting down and a nutcracker came out of the sofa. not just for children, but also for adults. ”

Your idea of ​​a perfect holiday celebration:

“It starts with waking up, cooking that turkey, having your family all around you, fighting, then reconciling right after. And then, it’s going out for a walk while the turkey is cooking and bringing all your friends into the afternoon to express myself as much as possible and not feel guilty. Finally, top it off by going to the movies to watch a really bad holiday movie. It’s my perfect and ideal way to celebrate. But the thing I treasure most, other than family, is the smell of a house on Thanksgiving Day. If I could bottle that, I would take it everywhere with me. ”

Your 2021 holiday musical theme:

“I want to say, Mariah carey always triggers it. And this year, followed by ‘levitating, ‘by Dua Lipa. ”

Dr Idriss’ vacation transport:

Photos: Courtesy of Dr Shereene Idriss


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