How the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing South African fashion into the future


Pippa Hudson talks to IFW Business designer, founder and director Nkano Senyolo about the rise of South African fashion and how they aim to improve it.

Fashion from local South African designers is on the rise and, oddly enough, the COVID-19 pandemic could very well contribute to that.

While COVID-19 was on the rise, the physical world was in freefall, with many countries around the world finding themselves in a form of hard lockdown for months as the world tried not to completely collapse.

As a result, most went digital and relying on analog or traditional methods of running a business became an outdated notion that had little or no sustainability.

Designer, Founder and Director of IFW Business, Nkano Senyolo says this is one of the main reasons why South African fashion is on the rise globally, as many local fashion brands and designers are taking advantage of the almost monolithic power of digital sales and branding. have on business.

This makes sense given that the lockdown has lessened the need for in-person shopping and increased the number of online purchases.

Online shopping is perhaps more sustainable than having physical stores because the online marketplace allows you to have a global reach without the need to have stores all over the world, which not only enables a greater exposure, but also greater convenience for buyers and creators.

It’s a beautiful thing to see because, as Senyolo notes, South Africa, its history and culture has the potential to give the world something it has yet to truly experience, which we can do with the rise of Rich Mnisi. and Thebe Magugu

Senyolo’s IFW Business is leading this progress through its goal to promote, prepare and support the country’s designers for the global fashion market by showcasing their brands, organizing trade events and exhibitions, increasing skills and networking opportunities and by offering master classes.

The company describes its goal as helping local designers market their creativity globally as well as improving their reach and providing them with tangible exposure.

What a time to be hot and fashionable.

Listen to the full interview above to learn more about the rise of local fashion and the role of IFW Business.

This article first appeared on EWN: How the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing South African fashion into the future

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