How to design a playful yet sophisticated dining room


Too often we treat dining rooms as a “special occasion” space, but really, where does such formality fit into everyday life with kids, pets, and messy eaters? Taking a more relaxed approach – infusing color, choosing chairs that are actually comfortable, adding a touch of whimsy – can create a room that is both elevated and fun and ideal for hosting everything from family game night to a dinner party. five dishes.

Example: this colorful dining room, entirely designed with chic and affordable products from The reception deposit. Here’s how to customize the look.

Cue the comfort

Make your dining room a place where you want to meet by opting for furniture that invites you to sit down and stay a while. Avoid rigid pieces with no cushions in sight for a tactile touch that will instantly make the space more inviting.

Choose velvet upholstered chairs, which bring funk and functionality in a way that invites everyone to relax and linger. Pair them with a table that’s big enough for everyone to spread out on (and that can also double as a homework area). Placing a geometric rug underfoot brings a touch of plushness and style.

Make storage stylish

home depot bar cart

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Consider a two tier bar cart, which unfolds the retro vibes – and extra surface area – to store glassware and entertainment essentials. Store collectibles and serving utensils in an open shelf (rather than a stuffy hutch) for a more casual look. A golden room like this four-shelf number provides ample storage and offers a styling opportunity. If you prefer to keep things more contained, opt for a funky buffet which provides concealed storage.

Add clever accents

home depot dining room

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Making the space sing is all about the little things – adding interest through art, accessories and light fixtures. A declaration chandelieras a mid-century inspired star silhouette in brass and metal, works as hanging art.

mirrors like this golden hexagon shape reinforce the feeling of modernity, give a little glamor and create the illusion of extra space. To make your room feel truly lived in, display collectibles on open shelves and add some greenery to the mix, elevating classic planters with a contemporary plant stand.

Set a creative table

home depot dining table

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Of course, the table is central to gathering and showing off your personal style. Add serene color with dusty blue ceramic tableware (it’s made from stoneware, which is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it ideal for everyday use). Create a pretty focal point by filling a ceramic pitcher with a seasonal bouquet. Don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of real flowers? pretend with some bold silk flowers which will keep their color all year round.

Pack a punch

A super easy way to make a fun, colorful or bold statement is to use an accent wall with peel and stick wallpaper. The beauty is that it’s perfect for commitment phobes, as you can easily swap it out if you want to switch things up next season or next year. And the options are endless: The Home Depot has it all. neutral patterns and bold graphics at whimsical plants.

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