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Two years ago, following the lack of Oscar recognition for horror films, Trace Thurman and I created “The hereditary” (named after Toni Collette Hereditary omission), a series of horror awards to recognize all of the great work done in the genre.

The response we received was out of this world and we immediately decided to make the awards show an annual event.

Enter the third year of Hereditary, which celebrates the incredible diversity of horror films released in 2021. Ranging from blockbusters like Candy and The night house avant-garde indies like Celebration and Titanium to “under the radar” versions like Shudder’s The boy behind the door and The way, we’re highlighting all the horror content that came out in one (yet another!) unorthodox year.

Here’s what you’re voting on:

  • Best wide outlet
  • Best indie
  • Best Non-English Horror
  • Best under the radar
  • Best Horror TV
  • Best First Feature Director
  • Best director
  • Best actor
  • Best actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Child / Teen Actor
  • Best overall
  • Best Creature Design – New for 2021
  • Best villain
  • Best streak
  • Best ending – New for 2021
  • Best kill

The context: The 18 categories were filled in by listeners’ responses, then narrowed down by Trace and me. To be eligible, the films had to be widely available this year (whether theatrically, on VOD or on streaming services), which unfortunately means no festival exclusives.

In order to maintain competitive voting, most categories were limited to five nominees and films were only eligible once per category. This inevitably means that some favorites have been left out, but it’s the best way to ensure a close race. Kill your darlings, friends!

Finally, we’ve also added spoiler warnings for the last four categories, just in case you haven’t seen movies like Violation, Old Where Silent night.

Click here vote. The deadline to enter is Friday, December 17 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

The winners will be announced on Horror Queers social media accounts (Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter), as well as a special Patreon minisode in early January 2022.


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