Japanese Boys’ School Uniform Inspires A Hot New Swimsuit For Women


Move over, sailor swimsuits. Now it’s the gakuran’s turn to be in the spotlight and in the water.

School uniforms are one of Japan’s favorite design motifs, and we’ve seen them serve as inspiration for swimsuits on many occasions. However, it is usually the women’s school uniform, the sailor suit, that these swimsuits are based on.

Japanese fashion brand School fiction decided to take a different path by creating a women’s swimsuit that is visually inspired by the gakuran, the coat traditionally worn by Male High school students.

The authentic gakuran is a button-up garment, and School Fiction’s gakuran swimsuit maintains this aesthetic with a row of gold buttons down the front. However, most of them are just for show, because the zipper on the back of the swimsuit is what you have to use to put it on.

The two clasps on the straight collar can however be undone to show how much of an iconoclastic rebel you are. The top button is also functional, while the rest is just for show.

▼ The second button gakuran was once a common sign of love that a guy would give to his crush after graduation, so the fact that it doesn’t really do anything means you can give it to your lover without any scruple.

▼ The swimsuit is made from an 80/20 polyester/polyurethane blend.

Putting new swimsuits on the market in mid-September might seem like a strange time, but since School Fiction bills itself as a “nerd and fetish mark,” chances are the gakuran swimsuit is intended more for use at anime conventions, cosplay photo shoots, and in the privacy of homes of consenting adults more than in the water. While orders take about a month to ship, the fan art is instantaneous.


▼ School Fiction itself recommends that customers accessorize with an old-school student cape and cap.


The gakuran swimsuit can be ordered directly from School Fiction hereor alternatively from Amazon hereand is priced at 14,500 yen (US$130) on both sites.

Source: IT media
Pictures: School fiction


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