Kenya: Chavakali boys’ school closed indefinitely after unrest


Chavakali Boys High School in Vihiga County was closed indefinitely on Wednesday after students rampaged Tuesday night and damaged property.

School principal John Kuira said the institution was forced to send all students home after they became unruly and smashed windows.

It comes four days after a national school dormitory was razed amid growing unrest in high schools across the country.

“They smashed all the windows. This incident follows a fire in the dormitory on Sunday,” Kuira said, noting that the board was holding a meeting to assess the extent of the damage.

He said the school administration spent most of Tuesday guiding and counseling the more than 2,000 students.

He said administrators were shocked that after the orientation and counseling sessions, the students became unruly overnight.

On Tuesday, the government bowed to pressure from school principals and set a mid-term break from November 19 to 23 to help relieve tired students.

This follows a wave of unrest in schools across the country.

On Sunday, Keveye students went on a rampage to protest the insecurity and arbitrariness of their administration.

The girls smashed the windows of the administration building and asked to go home.

They claimed that a stranger entered their dormitories at night, putting them at risk at school.


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