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La Martinière for boys, Calcutta

After the schools in Prayagraj, it is now the prestigious La Martiniere boys’ school in Lucknow which was closed for two days after six school employees tested positive for Covid. La Martinière director Carlyle Mcfarland said of the six workers found positive for Covid, two were staying in school Campus while four were residents of the locality of Ashiana.

He said the workers who tested positive had had no contact with teachers and students since they were working on a construction site on campus. The school has been declared a containment zone and a medical team that arrived there Wednesday evening collected 332 additional samples, reports of which will arrive Thursday evening. Health Director General Dr DS Negi said targeted sampling in schools will be carried out in which teachers, staff and children will undergo covid tests.

Recall that on Wednesday, nine cases of Covid were reported at Bishop Johnson School in Prayagraj and four at St Joseph School. Meanwhile, after reports of Covid cases emerging at prestigious schools across the state, several schools have decided not to reopen schools for primary classes from March 1.

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The principal of a well-known Montessori school said: “We are not going to open the school from March 1st. We have young children and who will take responsibility for their well-being? Small children cannot be expected to follow safety. protocols. ”Another elementary school teacher said they would start online classes for the primary sections and children would not be invited to come to school until the next academic session starting in April. Parents , they, too, are equally reluctant to send their children to school given the resurgence of Covid cases. Time. Teachers cannot keep an eye on every child. Schools, in such a situation, are not safe and I will not send my six year old daughter to school, “said Manjula Nagar, a parent. .



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