Launch of “Fashion Brand with a Conscience” to raise funds for terminally ill children and honor owner’s late father


A LOCAL fashion designer has launched a new brand with a mission to raise funds for terminally ill and critically ill children.

In 2016, Golborne’s Jon Clarke received the devastating news that his father had terminal cancer and only had 10 months to live. While attending Christie Hospital in Manchester for one of his appointments, Jon and his father mistakenly ended up in the children’s ward, prompting Jon’s promise to do something to help. children suffering from this terrible disease.

A fashion lover, Jon wanted to do something that could provide a long-term financial donation to the hospital, where the idea for 2Gees Clothing was born – described as a fashion brand with a conscience.

Getting to work on the design and logistics of his start-up, Jon partnered with Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity to dedicate a percentage of each sale to the charity.

2Gees clothing (Photo: Facebook 2Gees)

This income will help the charity continue its work of granting wishes and providing hospital services to children with life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses in the UK.

Jon said: “I initially created 2Gees in 2016 shortly after my father passed away and the launch went very well. I was very happy to be able to send regular donations to the charity, but after a while I realized that I had not managed my grief and was diagnosed with health anxiety.

“2Gees was put on hold, but after a few years of hiatus, I decided now is the time to relaunch the brand and keep my promise to my dad. ”

The clothing brand is relaunching with only a men’s line at the moment, but a women’s line will follow in the new year.

Leigh Journal: A percentage of 2Gee's sales will go to Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity (Photo: 2Gees Facebook) A percentage of 2Gee’s sales will go to Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity (Photo: 2Gees Facebook)

Jon added, “I wanted to create a fashion brand with a conscience, but it was important that the clothes were of high quality and be a brand that people wanted to wear.

“With each purchase made, a percentage will be donated to Rays Of Sunshine Children’s Charity, [and we] will be able to inform our clients about the fantastic work this charity is doing for children and families going through something that no child should ever have to suffer ”.

To learn more about 2Gee’s, visit their Facebook page here


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