Madhuri Dixit says mom would scold her for keeping bedroom messy even after she became a star: That’s how I was raised | Bollywood


In his first web series The Fame Game, Madhuri Dixit plays a Bollywood star who encounters the dark side of fame and sees how his popularity negatively affects life. During a recent interaction, Madhuri said she was lucky she had never come across this in real life. She added that it was largely because she separated her personal and professional life. (Also read: Madhuri on OTT debut: ‘I’m still here, any talk back is crazy’)

Madhuri added that her upbringing was such that she never let fame get to her. She even told how her mother Snehlata Dixit’s behavior towards her never changed even after she became a famous and successful actress.

Speaking to ETimes, when asked if fame affects his personal life, Madhuri said, “I mean, even when I was working in movies, my mum used to scold me if my room was messed up and things like That. That’s how I was And that’s how I am. When I get home, it’s all back in the studio. I see my kids and I see my husband and that’s just a different life. I never really got lost.

The actor added that she breaks away from her on-screen persona once she walks out of the set. “I consider it a profession. When I go in front of the camera, I’m a professional actress. And I know what I’m doing. I read a script, and I read it and I’m playing this character. I become this character for the camera, but when I get home I’m a normal person, because that’s how I was raised,” she said. (Read also : The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit-Led Netflix Series Is A Deceptive Mystery)

The Fame Game is Madhuri’s first OTT. The series, created by Sri Rao, began streaming on Netlfix on February 25. It also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Muskkaan Jaferi and Lakshvir Saran.

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