Mid-Missouri’s Post Sex Nachos on Their KC Debut, Boy Bands and Mr. Wonderful


Nachos after sex. // Photo by Madi Winfield

“Who the hell is Post Sex Nachos?”

If you think “someone should put that on a t-shirt”, well, this boy band beat you to it.

This eclectic collection of musicians brought together their favorite post-coital food and sonic intuition to create the band now officially known as Post Sex Nachos. And they come to share their sound with Kansas City.

The boy band quickly rose to celebrity status in the weird and wonderful town of Columbia, Missouri, and the fandom continues to grow. Their arsenal of tunes, an intimately upbeat navigation about love, loss and the meaning of life in their early twenties, continues to move forward as they embark on another Midwest tour on the release of their third album. , Your second favorite boy band.

Field picked the group’s brains on their past, future, and darkest secrets.

Field: So, “Who the hell is Post Sex Nachos?” What are the origins of the band, and how the hell did you choose such a name?

Chase Muller: You are legally not allowed to ask us that! Just kidding, but all we can tell you is that it’s about a priest, a thriving Mexican restaurant chain, and more lawsuits than we can count.

How would you describe the sound of PSN? What are your main musical influences?

Samy Elfanbaum: We’re really more podcast guys ourselves. We are influenced by Malcolm Gladwell, Freakonomics Radio and NPR.

It seems that CoMo served as an incubator for your growth. You’ve earned local superstar status, and it’s catapulted you on three tours and landed you a packed house at the Blue Note, a venue with a serious street reputation in the middle Missouri music scene. What has the support of the Columbia community meant to you as you grew up?

Kevin Jerez: Colombian rules. It’s the perfect small town for a group to experience what we have. It combines the college scene with a robust artistic community. Columbia allows us to be ourselves, it acts as a mirror of who we consider ourselves and our music to be, which is unique and weird as hell.

You have just released your third album, Your second favorite boy band. What was the sound philosophy for this release? Which track means the most to you?

Hunter Pendleton: Your second favorite boy band combines all of these different themes that we have experienced as a group and as individuals over the past year. The betrayal of old friends, romantic love, our coming of age in a sense, etc.

All songs, even the most cheerful ones, have these emotional lyrics behind them that tie it all together. Probably the song that means the most to us as a band is “Wishing You The Best”. It’s a shout out to someone no longer in our lives, coupled with a well-meaning message of closure. Tough love, baby.

Kevin Jerez recently joined the band as their new keyboardist. How has the expansion of your quartet into a quintet pushed you into new territories? What kind of funky fun does he bring to the band?

Mitch Brodon: Kevin? BLA bla. He’s fine, we suppose? Joke!

Kevin has completely and overwhelmingly made us a better band. It fits perfectly into our strange little environment. Apart from his spectacular keyboard-slamming ability, he challenges us to think differently about how we write, play, and behave as musicians in the future. He’s improved our game exponentially, and if he ever sees this posted, we deny we ever said anything nice about him.

You’ve gotten recommendations from a few big names, including the one and only Mr. Wonderful, aka Kevin O’Leary, from the hit show shark tank, and Columbia’s one and only Hacky Sack Guy (The Mizzou kids who get it, get it). Are there any other memorable milestones or mentions that stand out from the group?

Muller: Really, it’s a milestone that all of our parents didn’t disown us for trying to be musicians in life. Parental approval means the most. (He requested a heart emoji insert here, so use your imagination.)

Your show in Kansas City is scheduled for April 12 at the miniBar. What can concert-goers expect?

Elfanbaum: They can expect excitement, excitement and acceptance. They can also expect music! City music! Music from all over town! And music from waaaayyyy out of town.

While it’s hard to predict what life will look like tomorrow let alone a few months from now, what’s next for you? Are there new singles, new places or new faces on the horizon?

Sherry: The skyline? Oh, it’s bright! It burns brightness and such. We’re moving to Nashville after our summer tour and we’re so excited. And a little nervous. But above all excited!

Post Sex Nachos will play miniBar on Tuesday April 12th. Tickets are available here.


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