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A SAVVY mom who didn’t have the space to give her sons a room of their own wowed people online with a great DIY solution.

Mother-of-two Lauren Arlington needed space for her two growing boys, but they were too big to fit in bunk beds.


The savvy mom wowed people online with her smart room dividerCredit: Laura Arlington

Writing on the DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group, Laura explained: “A month ago we separated our boys‘ bedroom to give them their own space.

“My son is autistic and loves his own space. We had bunk beds, but it became dangerous to hide sharp objects and he also walked while sleeping and tried to jump out of bed several times.”

Her eldest son, who is 17, is an impressive 6ft 1, while her 10-year-old is autistic and doesn’t like being by the window.

As a solution, she got creative with the space and created the perfect MDF room divider and shelf, creating privacy and storage for the two sons.

    Laura's creative idea offers storage and privacy for the two boys


Laura’s creative idea offers storage and privacy for the two boysCredit: Laura Arlington

She continued, “We wanted them to have their own space, but also storage.”

She added to Fabulous: “We got a piece of MDF and using L-brackets we attached it to the top of the unit and to the ceiling so it was stable.

“We then decorated the MDF to match the wallpaper on the back, so they now have separate sleeping areas.

“The cubic unit is still usable for the top two rows and the bottom row, they have a lamp, an alarm clock and Alexa.”

    The mother said the room divider was the


The mother said the room divider was the “perfect” solution to their problem.Credit: Laura Arlington

Then Laura added wallpaper to the MDF and the walls to make sure the room divider fits perfectly.

She concluded: “In these photos, we were expecting [my son’s] new bedding. He now has an army gray camouflage he chose. Very happy with the result, it’s a very good decision for both of them. “

Kallax units sell for £ 60, while a massive piece of MDF is said to have cost Laura around £ 24 at Wickes.

The brick-style wallpaper sells for £ 9.99 a roll from The Range.


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