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One of the most explosive and instinctive running backs in the country will come from Texas to South Bend, and that would be high school star Denison, Texas. Jadarian Prize.

When given the opportunity to see one of the best running backs in the country, and to do so from the press box with a bird’s eye view, it put the talent of a certain forward into perspective. balloon from Texas. and future Notre Dame football player had already become.

Here’s a look at one of Notre Dame’s top football rookies.

Jadarian Prize

Position: To recover
Cut: 5-11, 185 lbs
High school: Denison (Texas) High School

Recruitment: Notre Dame’s selection from a multitude of offerings, including a high-interest group from Texas, Stanford, and Oklahoma State. Price’s first offering was from the University of Texas-San Antonio in the freshman. Soon after, his second offering from the University of Texas-Austin, also in first year. This puts the talent of this young man into perspective. There’s a reason he was so coveted by the Longhorns from a young age, and that’s where the analysis of his game begins.

After interviewing Price, here’s what he said about why he chose Notre Dame.

“Stanford was one of the best schools on my list,” Price said of his recruiting. “You could say I’m a great scholar. I’m big on life after football. So when Notre Dame arrived I was like, “Well, this is the best opportunity to transform my skills in the classroom and in the field.

“Where I get the chance to fulfill my dreams of making the NFL, being behind one of the best offensive lines and also having your Notre Dame diploma, which is considered incredible around the world. So, I thought it was better for both of us.

First stage speed

When Price decides to “go”, it’s at full speed; his first step should be considered an elite, even by college football standards. Few running backs reach top speed as quickly as Price, and it starts with when he decides to crash and explode cheeky.

What makes his explosive first step even better is that Price often runs sideways along the line of scrimmage, sees a hole and immediately cuts up and goes north to south with a 90 degree cut which is also explosive. ; he doesn’t have to move forward to be explosive.

Price possesses the ability to cut and accelerate with ease. He controls it too.

Patient runner

Price won’t just pick the first hole he sees and run towards it. He will follow his blockers and hit the hole accordingly. Often, Price will perform a jump and accelerate as soon as he hits the ground after the jump. However he needs to use his skills, Price’s patience as a runner helps him do it.

He’s a great candidate to play in Notre Dame’s rushed attack zone. Whether it’s a narrow lane or following the main lane all the way to the second level, Price will use vision and patience together to maximize his opportunities. It also extends to an area where new age running backs have to be good to truly be part of the elite of high school and college football.

To be a receiver

There are several areas to like about Price as a receiver. To get a better overall picture of his skills outside the backfield, here’s what head coach Denison Brent Whitson said of Price’s ability to catch football, before going deeper into his pass-catching skills.

“He’s a great receiver, we didn’t know that,” said Whitson. great ball skills. Then again does this zero to 60 thing once he received it.

“So many guys can run fast but can’t secure the catch. Once he has secured the grip, he lights the fuse and can go. We use it a lot in apartments. As a guy, you find ways to get him where he can pass an inside linebacker. Make the game where he can come out and go.

“Again, zero drop. Zero drop. If you throw it at him, if it’s a target, it’s a grab. Whatever he has to do. He’s got two of the most incredible catches I think I’ve ever seen this year, on quarterback scrambles and had to sort of throw it, and he goes and twists and sticks his feet.

“The good thing about him, it’s not over then. Then he has both feet on the ground. Well my dad always told me you can’t drop a cat on its back. Well, JD is just like that.

You can read the full interview with Coach Whitson by clicking here.

Coach Whitson was right. In the game against Frisco (Texas) Liberty, Denison pointed a screen to the right. The defensive line was sucked into the backfield, and as soon as Price snatched the ball into the air, like a cat, he turned and naturally became a running back again.

His burst was again fully visible. Even with several defenders having the angle at linebacker and defensive back, Price broke through all of them. 50 meters later he was in the end zone.

Price used his hands to catch the ball. It was natural. He then immediately became a runner. This is the key. If a player with Price’s skills can quickly switch from offense to defense, there is a greater chance of playing in big chunks. It is a natural receptor.

Watching him during the warm-ups, Price caught the soccer ball very well away from his body. He could easily play the slot receiver or the outside receiver. He is a real athlete who likes to backtrack.


This is the only area that surprised in more than one way. Price’s ability to punch a defender and push him back was evident all night long. While focused on the whole game, Price usually moved the stack forward when there wasn’t much room to run.

In addition, he generated good power even when not creating contact directly in front of him. The power of this young man’s legs and hips will create good distance even when hit from the side or at a 45 degree angle.

Before concluding the assessment, here’s what Price had to say in a short interview regarding his strength: “In the spring I cleaned 315 (pounds) and laid 265 (pounds).”

After a year in Notre Dame’s strength and conditioning program, look for Price as a special indoor and outdoor runner, the latter being his best attribute due to his current speed. He’s still quite capable during inside and spread games, however, so he can run all the way to the end zone even if it requires smashing a tackle in the hole because he’s strong enough, and it will use that first step speed after contact to quickly return to full speed and pass the secondary.

Final thoughts

The prize is one of those rare combinations of speed and athleticism that doesn’t come along every day. Despite being ranked in the top 300 by major recruiting publications, his long-term and long-term abilities make him a possible NFL running back.

It starts with speed, and it’s hard to define without seeing it live, but he ran away from the Dallas high school soccer players like nothing had happened. He can fly! Combining that with a great attitude and being a player with a GPA of 4.4 makes him a great choice for Notre Dame. Expect Price to be a valued member of the Fighting Irish over the next three to four years.

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