Norlington Boys’ School and Connaught Girls’ School to merge


Two single-sex schools in Leyton plan to merge into a single academy, although boys and girls will still be educated separately.

Norlington School for Boys and Connaught School for Girls have sent letters to parents saying the merger will allow them to ‘share resources’ and provide ‘protection in a changing educational landscape’.

However, both schools insist they are “committed” to staying single.

Connaught director Avani Higgins wrote: “Recent events, such as the pandemic, mean we have learned that we cannot stand still and must always look to the future.

“A key element of our success is the positive working relationship that exists with local schools and the local authority.

“Following a review by the Exceptional Education Trust [which runs Norlington School]…a proposal has been filed to formalize a partnership between trusts capable of overseeing the two schools.

“The educational landscape is changing rapidly. Both schools recognize that we must take steps to preserve our individual character and ethos, which we are very proud of and know means a lot to the local community.

Both schools have been academies for at least six years, but have separate governance agreements.

In their letters to parents, the two headteachers said the schools would keep their own identity, have their own governing bodies and share staff training.

They emphasize that there will be no staff restructuring and that the two schools will be equal partners in the merged trust.

Schools and the local community are invited to share their views on the merger through a consultation which ends today.

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