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I can finally – and publicly – admit that I really love boy groups


I remember the exact moment One Direction exploded. I was 13 and scrolled through the iTunes home page of my gen-one iPad. I saw a photo of the future famous One Direction – fluffy hair, striped shirts, suspenders and all. At that point, I knew everyone would be talking about it at school the next day, so I picked a favorite (it was Harry Styles. Even little Mary Grace tasted good).

But I don’t think I told anyone at school about my new favorite boy band member. Boy bands weren’t “my thing”. In 8th grade, I had just discovered My Chemical Romance and I was wearing these double-layered Converse – you know, the ones where it looks like a slightly bigger shoe eats the one you’re wearing.

I wasn’t actively against the boy band craze like I was with Justin Bieber a year ago. Some of my best friends were obsessed, so I learned all the ins and outs of the “1D” fandom. But I couldn’t admit how much I really liked One Direction. Not until it’s too late.

They’ve all broken up now, so my deep love for absurdly catchy boy band pop isn’t going to get the satisfaction of a live show anytime soon. But that won’t stop me from talking about it. If you get me to talk about my favorite boy band, Big Time Rush, I absolutely won’t be able to stop.

Honestly, it’s just something that makes me happy. I know, it’s sweet, but what’s wrong with loving something just because it brings joy. Marie Kondo would be disappointed by all the boy-bands that cause shame. As one of our writers recently wrote, you shouldn’t feel guilty about so-called guilty pleasures.

I mean, One Direction was a cultural phenomenon that dominated the pop culture sphere for years. Her debut album even made The Phoenix’s Best Albums of the Decade list (OK, yes, I added it).

Big Time Rush even had their own hit Nickelodeon show called – you guessed it – “Big Time Rush”.

This show was an anomaly from the early 2010s, telling the fictional origin story of a real boy group. He gave false last names and exaggerated personalities to the real members. Still, the show was still self-aware – one episode acknowledging the British invasion with competing boy groups One Direction and The Wanted.

I watched the four seasons of “Big Time Rush” last summer to distract myself from the heat of my no-air-conditioned apartment in Chicago and let me tell you, it was gorgeous. It was the perfect combination of nostalgia and upbeat teen romantic drama – the exact strength of boy groups.

Do I want to think about the fact that the majority of these boy band friendships are fabricated by big money making organizations? Absolutely not. Believing that the constructed narrative is half the fun.

But even if their stories aren’t completely authentic, the songs’ messages are. We all felt the longing for One Direction’s “More Than This” – the boy group just vocalized it so we didn’t have to. I always rave about the Big Time Rush title track when they sing, “Go on and take your luck with the life you choose / If you want it all, put it on the line.”

Whether you just recognize your love of boy bands at 22 or have loved them since Louis loved carrots, don’t be afraid to express that love. As Big Time Rush once sang, “It’s the only life you have so you have to live it big.”

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James Corden’s Celebration of Bieber and Boy Groups Works Because It’s Authentic and Important


When Justin Bieber appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden for his last Carpool Karaoke segment earlier this week, something became very clear that many of us have known for a long time. It wasn’t the fact that Bieber’s mustache would be polarizing, nor that his previous statements about the Tom Cruise fight deserved some clarification. The revelation came in the final moments of the segment when host James Corden asked Biebs to play “One Less Lonely Girl” to his wife Hailey during their wedding last year. After the two guys sang the song, the perfectly unmoved Bieber then presented a long-stemmed red rose to Corden who accepted it and replied, “Oh my god, I have real chills.” At that point, I realized: EVEN. Sitting at my desk, watching it all unfold, I couldn’t help but feel goosebumps rising on my arms right now, which would clearly mean a lot to a devoted Belieber. This is exactly what Corden turned out to be.

James Corden has established himself as the rightful patron saint of the hottest idols in music. And beyond that, he’s a real fan. As a boy band fan myself, I’m comfortable saying it takes one to know one, and in this case Corden is a real one. It’s not that this is a new development – he was part of boy groups himself during his school years and went on to careers of this interest, from 1999 Channel 4 Boyz unlimited comedy series to work with The X factor‘s JLS then One Direction, remaining good friends with the band members. He went on to parody loving boy groups on The late show, including the most recent, a clip from a group (which included actors Zach Braff, Josh Peck, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Charlie Puth) called Boyz II Menorah.

But he also used his late night show to shamelessly show his love for the art form of boy bands and musical idols (obviously Bieber has always been a solo artist, but I’m placing him here in the category of boy groups because of the deadly combination of beauty, good tunes, and the hordes of screaming girls these elements attract). Corden understands. He even appreciates and revere the art of boy banding. He is able to celebrate the phenomenon in a way that other hosts can’t, and probably don’t care. From carpool karaoke to interview segments to legendary tattoo roulette, Corden offers fans, like myself and millions of others, a way to live vicariously through him for moments many of which between us could only dream when it comes to his interactions with these. handsome gentlemen. Speaking on behalf of the fans, I’ll be the first to admit that we may have jealous and territorial leanings, but Corden, well, he’s one of us. His segments aren’t drenched in awkward flirtation or ulterior motives; they’re designed to please and entertain specific fan bases in a way that isn’t flattering or inauthentic or in a cheesy way that hopes to capture the all Internet attention. He is able to sing alongside them in a car or ask them about lyrics referring to morning wood and even if we are not there physically, we feel satisfied.

I’m aware it sounds dramatic, but for a lot of people who don’t join in on the celebration of these types of performers, much of what these typically passionate young women are doing seems dramatic. What makes Corden special is that he doesn’t despise this demographic like many others do. And while others are not dismissive, they are not always genuine. You can find out which hosts are featuring these guys on their show for YouTube views and titles and because, well, they’re told to do that. With Corden, the mood is that he’s asking for them himself, and he’s genuinely giddy about it too. This guy is having a blast! He loves music and not on the pretext that it is a guilty pleasure.

And the feeling seems to be mutual. As he returns with the guys from 1D, he has continued to embrace new acts along the way, including the K-pop star sensation BTS, who named him their favorite TV host in America. These types of performers, especially as part of a boy group, weren’t always greeted with the respect or credit they deserve for their musical talents (not to mention the popularity they’ve gained. via endless streams and sold-out tours) in TV appearances, but they seem to find Corden refreshing enough to not only relax and feel comfortable around him, but they’re up for some fun, y understood to make fun of themselves. Would Bieber have entertained this whole Tom Cruise conversation with a lot of other people? Would Harry Styles sport a lifetime tattoo with the name of another late night show? Unlikely!

Styles said Rolling stone in 2017, “Teenage Fans – They Don’t Lie. If they like you, they are the. They don’t act “too cool”. They love you and they tell you so. Which one is sick.”Without ever having been a real teenager, Corden still seems to understand what it means to be a (and in my case, still feel like a, two decades later). As a full compliment here, Corden, especially with these guests, never seemed to even think about being cool in the moments he spends with them, a key to the success of the segments.

Another big part of that is his friend and show executive producer Ben Winston, which also goes way back with 1D. In fact, he was also an executive producer of the 2018 show. Happy together, loosely based on when Styles was guest of Winston and his wife. It’s these friendships that help the host and his producer see Styles and others as people and performers, and not just posters.

Corden used The late show to essentially provide fans with images and experiences with their favorite artists that we never thought we would see. From Justin Bieber preparing a grilled cheese to Niall Horan being eliminated by a Dodgeball O-Town pinball game hitting national television in 2019: what a world! Even the recent Tweet Dreams segment with the Jonas Brothers may seem simple or slightly inspired by (although more positive) average Jimmy Kimmel Tweets, it’s also a way of thanking fans in a way that says I see you and your posts on them. social networks and that they are not as frivolous as others might think. Much like a glance from your favorite guy at a gig, these moments are important to fans who are too often written off to be hysterical or lack insightful taste. Corden used his show to say, on the contrary. If we, as fans, can’t be the ones living out our fantasies (a lot we didn’t even know we had: watching you, Titanic play a role) with these numbers Corden turns out to be not only a worthy lead but the one we deserve.

Where to stream The Late Late Show with James Corden

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8 best boy groups of the 90s


The 1990s were a decade for tons of fun trends, including scrunchies, necklaces, and overalls. While some of these trends have since returned to fashion, one trend has fundamentally changed the whole music game and continues to dominate the charts even to this day: boy groups. While the first boy groups appeared long before the 1990s, they certainly reached their peak around then and have since continued to inspire a number of other groups that have come out since then.

From * NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys to world hits Westlife, each of these boy groups have certainly left their mark in music history and continue to make fans pale with their charm, lyrics and music. So which band came out on top and turned out to be the best of the best of the decade when boy bands were at the top? Here are the best boy bands of the 90s …

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In the ultimate boy band battle, * NSYNC leads the way as a band that has remained timeless for years after their first appearance on the scene. The band has only been together for six years, but during that time they’ve released two number one albums, including No strings attached which also went on to become the number one album of the 2000s, six top 10 singles and 7 Grammy nominations. Even years after this disbandment, fans continue to hope for a possible reunion and that passion doesn’t seem to be extinguishing anytime soon.

Spotlight on the song: “It’s gonna be me” from No strings attached

Street boys

Since their formation in 1993, the Backstreet Boys have been at the top of the charts, with their latest album, DNA, No. 1 on the Billboard charts in early 2019. Long after peaking in their careers, they continue to tour and sell arenas all over the world. They are currently on their DNA World Tour, which is scheduled to run until May 2020 and they show no signs of stopping even years later.

Spotlight on the song: ‘Everyone (Backstreet’s Back)’ from Street boys

New Kids On The Block

While they originally formed the group in the 1980s, New Kids On The Block was able to maintain their career success into the 1990s with their second number one album, Step by step. They did their biggest tour yet, The magical summer tour, which lasted 2 years and included over 200 performances around the world. Sadly the band broke up in 1994, but they quickly reunited in 2007. They also formed the NKOTBSB supergroup with the Backstreet Boys and continue to tour and have their own annual cruise.

Spotlight on the song: “Step by step” from Step by step

Boyz II Men

Unlike other boy groups with a focus on pop music, Boyz II Men proved there was a hunger for an R&B group and released their first album in 1991, Cooleyhigh harmony. They held # 1 on the Billboard charts for a total of 50 weeks and are only the second group and third artist to replace one of their songs with another single on the Hot 100.

Spotlight on the song: “At the end of the road” from Cooleyhigh harmony


When 98º first entered the scene in 1996, they had already completely changed the game by forming together for the first time independently. They then signed to Motown and quickly started working on their debut album together. Their biggest release dates from 2000, Revelation, which scored the number two album on the Billboard charts. Their song “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” had the highest debut week for a single by a boy group when it was released at number 2 and the group continues to hold that record.

Spotlight on the song: “Just give me a night (Una Noche)” from Revelation


Irish boy group Westlife was successful in their home country, but they quickly made a splash in the United States with their debut single “Swear It Again”. While their last singles didn’t end up being big hits in the US, they continued to dominate the charts in Europe and Oceania, becoming one of the biggest bands in those countries. The group broke up in 2012, but quickly reunited in 2018 and have continued to release new music and tour since then.

Spotlight on the song: “I swear it again” to Westlife


O-Town first appeared in the early 2000s after America got online and watched the first season of Make the group, which ended with 5 guys coming together to create the next big boy band. Of course, they were successful and O-Town released their debut album in 2001, which included the single “All or Nothing”. The band ended up breaking up in 2003, but got back together in 2013. They released their latest album, The OTWN album, mid-2019.

Spotlight on the song: “All or nothing” of O-Town


Unlike most of the other boy groups that feature a bunch of strangers or friends coming together to form the group, Hanson was unique because it was a group of 3 people from Oklahoma who wanted to get it right. in large. Their first single, ‘MMMBop’ became a huge hit and reached the top of the charts in 1997. Their debut album, In the middle of nowhere, also earned them 3 Grammy Award nominations. The group recently became independent and continue to make music together.

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Boys’ bedroom gets a makeover with a climbing wall and more


Here is a mom vying for the mom of the year. Tina Bousu from Loveland, Colorado created the coolest bedroom for her two sons, and yes, she even has a rock climbing wall.

Bousu told TODAY Home that she wants to give her boys aged 7 and 10 a space that reflects their personality. “I think they were definitely up for a change, and our 10 year old had some serious ideas and opinions on the look,” she said.

Before: The bedroom was the only place in the house that they had not painted when they moved in.Tina Bousu / Eclectic Twist

One of the main things she wanted the room to have was a space for her boys to play while being organized. And of course, it also needed a setting to reflect their vibrant and fun personalities.

“From there, I looked for the right statement piece which turned out to be the mural,” she said.

After: The piece features a cool and colorful peel-and-stick wall mural.Tina Bousu / Eclectic Twist

The peel and stick swirling mural by Muse Wall Studios is the focal point of the room. It features a marble-like design with bright colors.

Another fun feature is the rock climbing wall she made herself with plywood and stone wall handles that she found on Amazon. (See how she built it here.)

Lucky boys get their own rock climbing wall!Tina Bousu / Eclectic Twist

“We finished it in early May and they still love it,” she said. “They regularly climb on the wall panels that we have made. “

One of the reasons the room stays so clean is the fact that the beds have four drawers under each, creating a lot of storage. “They are the youngest and they keep it cleaner than my other two children’s bedrooms,” Bousu said.

Bousu said his sons loved hanging out in their renovated room.Tina Bousu / Eclectic Twist

The room renovation took about four days and cost about $ 800 for everything minus the beds, mattresses, and the wall mural.

See more photos of this amazing room transformation on Bousu’s blog, Eclectic Twist.

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Vaping in the boys’ room: a Florida school tackles the health crisis by banning … toilet breaks


Students in need must wait for the short break between lessons or be accompanied by the assistant director

Content of the article

Jupiter High School in Palm Beach County, Florida will no longer allow students to use the facilities during session due to concerns over widespread vaping.

  1. Photos of JUUL's anonymous vaping to accompany J. Laucius' story.  Julie Oliver / Postmedia

    Health Canada warns flavoring agents in vaping products are “untested”

  2. Updated guidelines in the United States will advise doctors on how to diagnose and manage patients who may have both a lung infection and a vaping injury

    “An important step”: Ontario bans vaping ads in convenience stores

  3. The Connecticut governor said more work needs to be done to make sure everyone is on the same page

    “You will see some unanimity”: US governors take the lead on cannabis and vaping rules

“Every day since school started, we have found one or more students in our bathrooms vaping,” Principal Colleen Iannitti told the students in a video ad. “A lot of you just go to the bathroom so you can meet up with your friends, smoke, vape, and do all kinds of things you shouldn’t be doing in the bathroom.”


Content of the article

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

The school had no choice given the scale of the abuse, argued Iannitti, and the fact that students were rushed to the emergency room every week because of something they may have smoked. on school property.

The policy allows students to use the washroom only during the six-minute break between classes or in an emergency, which would require a personal escort from the vice-principal of the school.

The move comes amid a health crisis in the United States that has seen at least two dozen people die – and more than a thousand others fall ill – from a mysterious vaping-related lung disease.

While parents shared the school’s concerns about e-cigarette abuse, they weren’t ready to give the new policy a passing grade. “I understand the concern from the school’s point of view. I just don’t know if this is the most effective privacy issue or the most effective when it comes to having someone follow you when you use the bathroom, ”said parent Jeff Glassgold.


Content of the article

The school reports that it plans to ease restrictions if students stop the bad behavior.

Florida school boards are grappling with on-campus cannabis in general, and many are running out of time to implement state-required policy to allow the drug’s medical use during school hours.

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

The state did not dictate which model schools to adopt, but instead indicated Volusia County. The county allows caregivers to administer medical cannabis to students, but does not allow school employees to participate or store the drug.

“Although the field of law is relatively new, it has been a long time for districts to adopt compliant access policies,” a note to school boards noted.

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“Vaping in the boys’ room”; Schools grapple with an increase in e-cigarette use by teens


More than a quarter of San Diego County high school students have tried vaping, and experts warn teenage vaping is erasing decades of smoking prevention gains.

“We have come so far in reducing the use of traditional cigarettes, it is a battle that we think we are fighting after all these years of decreasing the number of cigarettes,” said Jim Crittenden, program specialist. County. Office of Education, which works on smoking prevention.

“The problem is, companies are using the same tactics as cigarettes used 30 years ago, marketing to kids, using billboards, and targeting products.”

According to data from the 2018-19 California Healthy Kids Survey, an anonymous school safety survey administered every two years, only 2% of grade 11 students in the county report using cigarettes routinely, but 13 % vape regularly. While 8 percent of grade 11 students in San Diego have tried cigarettes, more than three times as many – 26 percent – have tried vaping, according to the survey.

With flavors such as mango or chewing gum and compact devices, vaping products have built-in appeal for teens.

“Personally, I don’t and I try to stay away because I do track and field,” a 15-year-old boy in grade 10 at San Marcos High School said last week. “But I’ve seen teammates do it, classmates do it, and people younger than high school age vaping. People do it in bathrooms, stairwells and in classrooms. They do it through hoodies.

Authorities are trying to crack down on the products amid recent news of vaping-related illnesses and deaths, and note that many of those sickened by the products are teenagers and young adults.

“This is a huge problem that we see every day in Escondido,” said Mary Anne Dijak, program manager for violence prevention and intervention services at Escondido Education Compact, which offers prevention programs. drug addiction. “I’m sure they see it all over the county.”

Since September 26, there have been 22 cases of lung injury associated with vaping among residents of San Diego County, county supervisors Dianne Jacob and Nathan Fletcher said in a statement calling for a ban on the sale of products. flavored tobacco and a moratorium on vaping. devices.

Of those cases, nearly two-thirds are between 18 and 24, and 16% are under 18, officials said.

“Big tobacco prays for our children, and we have an obligation to protect our children and public health,” they said.

High school students say it’s common to see peers vaping off campus and even on school grounds, where they hide the practice in secluded spaces or behind clothing.

“A lot of people throw big clouds in the bathroom,” said a 14-year-old boy in ninth grade at San Marcos High. “They do it because of the popularity and then the flavor.”

With devices designed to look like USB sticks, pens, or lipstick tubes, vaping products are easy to hide. The Juul vaporizer, with the highest share in the vaping market, is a 3.5 inch thin metal stick.

“They look harmless because they don’t alert anyone,” Dijak said. “The doesn’t look like paraphernalia. “

The clandestine aspect of the activity may be part of its appeal; teens say some classmates seem to enjoy the chance to vape in unlikely places.

“Once at the theater, I climbed a ladder to where a projector was and saw two kids vaping,” said a 15-year-old girl, also in grade 10 at San Marcos High.

While most teen vaping involves nicotine products, marijuana vaping is on the rise among high school students, Crittenden said. About 15 percent of Grade 11 students say they use marijuana on a regular basis, and of these, 17 percent inhale it using vaping devices. This is a dramatic increase from just 1% two years ago, he said.

This is particularly troubling given the potency of marijuana vaping products and the possible role of THC – the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis – in incidents of death or illness related to vaping. Dijak said she had not seen respiratory injuries related to vaping marijuana, but had often dealt with students who inhaled toxic doses of chemicals.

“They are sick, they pass out, their hearts are racing, they have severe headaches,” she said of the teenagers who were admitted to local emergency rooms under these conditions. “They classify it as marijuana poisoning.”

As obnoxious as they may sound, these uplifting tales don’t seem to dampen teenage interest in the trend, Crittenden said.

“So far, they still don’t see it as dangerous,” he said. “The perception of harm is really low. “

According to the state’s education code, all schools must have anti-smoking policies, he said, and local school officials say they are strengthening education and enforcement in the light of the increase in vaping. This includes classroom presentations, interventions for children caught vaping, and smoking cessation programs to help them break the habit.

The Carlsbad Unified School District gives presentations on the risks of vaping to all sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth graders with the goal of keeping them away from vaping, as well as presentations to parents on what to watch out for, said Megan Arias, district high school principal.

“We’ve actually been trying to differentiate ourselves for a while,” she said. “We started three years ago with our student vaping presentations. “

The district has hired another school resources manager to deal with tobacco and vaping, and is sharing the cost of that post with the city, she said. He also joined a San Diego Crimestoppers sponsored program where students can anonymously report peers who are vaping. If a report is validated, the student who submitted it receives a monetary reward, she said.

Students caught vaping on campus should meet with the school manager, parents, and a school administrator and take a lesson on the dangers of vaping. Multiple offenders must attend an after-school class on the issue, she said.

“Our goal is to spread awareness of the educational element and to really keep our students safe and healthy,” Arias said.

In the Escondido Union High School school district, students are learning the dangers of vaping through the district health program, and school vaping posters reinforce those lessons, district spokesperson Harry Katcher said. Students caught with vape pens or other devices should participate in the district’s “Prevention and Diversion” program, where they receive counseling and counseling.

All vaping devices found on campus are subject to police testing for illegal substances, he said. If the vape pens contain tobacco, students are assigned to a tobacco education class on Saturday.

The County Office of Education recommends an online toolkit for smoking prevention offered by Stanford University and the California Smoker’s Helpline, Crittenden said.

The county office offers short-term intervention programs for teens, to help them understand the risks of vaping and take action to quit, he said. And they run “Friday Night Live” events to train peer mentors to harness the power of peer pressure – often a factor in which kids start vaping – to discourage use.

Although the 26% of teens who have tried vaping are too high a number, Crittenden said the remaining three-quarters of students can influence their classmates to quit.

“We hear about children using it, and it’s alarming, but the norm is that most children don’t use it,” he said.

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Backstreet Boys style icon AJ McLean on ’90s looks he misses


There is no doubt in my mind that the ’90s are back in fashion, giving me such a severe whiplash in fashion and culture that I am tempted to sue for damages. There are bobs, baggy jeans, the tease of a comeback of hyper-colorful t-shirts (pls pls pls) and I got to chat with a real damn Thug on the phone. If I could go back and tell Courtney in 1999 that she would become someone who will remember the 90s with the Backstreet Boys (!!!), she wouldn’t believe me at all.

Yes, legitimate BSB legend AJ McLean phoned us before the Backstreet Boys bringing their massive world tour to Australia in 2020, and explained to me a few of his prime looks that he kinda regrets.

“There was a point in my hair changes where I ended up having a spiral perm because I wanted to have an afro,” AJ said.

“And I had an afro, he was a legitimate afro. I had a choice, I chose this thing. Cornrows, I could never have done that and it’s okay.

“Unfortunately I lost my hair, then I went for technology and got my hair back. So now I’ve recently started coming back to my head like ‘maybe I’ll do the frosty tip thing again‘I don’t know, just kidding.

I don’t even know what’s going on here in the underworld.

Look, it was a trying time for everyone, really. I have fond memories of learning pencil eyeliner and getting seriously questionable looks. I vividly remember having owned a “makeup palette” whose lip color could apparently also be cream blush and eye shadow. I understand.

But what look from the 90s did he really like?

“I think one of my all-time favorites that I ever did when I dyed my hair, I dyed my hair with a leopard print,” he said.

I tried in vain to find a photo of this look because it looks really amazing. Please someone send me a picture. I need to see.

Until then, no more hyper-90 mode:

The end of the 90s was of course… an era.

Though he’s an iconic ’90s poster boy and essentially a distillation of that era of fashion, down to bleach-tipped hair, tiny tinted sunglasses, and a penchant for a cowboy hat. outrageous boy or an all-white (?) top hat and tail, there’s one fashion trend that AJ doesn’t think they can revisit behind the scenes.


“There were really bad wardrobe choices, but it was there back then. And now it’s all starting to come back, ”he said.

That ’90s look, baggy jeans. I will never wear baggy again as I wear stuff so tight it’s ridiculous. But I could never wear a baggy again.

In our show now I’m wearing baggy jeans and the first two shows it was uncomfortable. You think it would be the opposite but I was like I didn’t feel right, I felt like I pooped in my pants. I don’t feel good about it right now.

And now on this tour I’m like you know what? If it was tight I would be sweaty, I would be uncomfortable, it’s great, I love it. I just had to dust off the cobwebs.

The Backstreet Boys are coming to Australia in all their ’90s boy band / vocal band glory in May of next year, and have just announced a few more dates in Sydney and Melbourne, as far too many of us are apparently. eager to revisit ours. terrible personal fashion choices from the 90s.

Copy your tickets this way, Backstreet is back, baby.


wednesday 20 may
Brisbane Entertainment Center

friday 22 may
Qudos Bank Arena

saturday 23 may
Qudos Bank Arena
(New show)

Tuesday 26 May
Rod Laver Arena

wednesday 27 may
Rod Laver Arena
(New show)

saturday may 30
RAC Arena

Image: Getty Images / L. Busacca

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Mom turns her two little boys’ bedroom into an amazing jungle-themed getaway


A mother of three young boys remodeled a bedroom to fit the “jungle theme” her seven-year-old son wanted – with a hedge wall made from photo frames.

Jess Blythe, who lives in Queensland, based the bedroom decor on the ‘greenery’ she has already sprinkled around their family home.

“Our house is very green on the theme in general. Love the bohemian vibe and the natural feel. The boys’ bedroom was the only room in the house that was really lacking in decor, so we decided it was time to change it up a bit, ”she told FEMAIL.

Mother of three young boys remodeled a bedroom to fit the ‘jungle theme’ her seven year old son wanted (pictured), adding a DIY hedge wall made from photo frames

His eldest son Bailey loved the green wall the family created in his garden and asked for it to be reproduced in the room he shares with his three-year-old brother Harrison.

They have made a conscious effort to keep their usual toys out of the room as they have an “entire playroom dedicated to them”.

“Loved the $ 599 bed from Fantastic Furniture as my three year old had been in our room for ages and we decided it was time for the bunk beds so he didn’t have to be yet. alone in a room, ”she said.

Jess Blythe, who lives in Queensland, based the room's decor on the 'greenery' she has already sprinkled around their family home.

Jess Blythe, who lives in Queensland, based the room’s decor on the ‘greenery’ she has already sprinkled around their family home.

Ms Blythe's youngest son River, one, (pictured) sleeps in his parents' bedroom but has his own to eventually move in

Ms Blythe’s youngest son River, one, (pictured) sleeps in his parents’ bedroom but has his own to eventually move in

Where does everything in the room come from?

* The low bunk bed is from Fantastic Furniture and costs $ 599.

* In the main potted plant near the door, the feathery stems are from Kmart and the fake ‘Birds of Paradise’ plant is from the Reject store.

* The plant stand is $ 19 at Kmart.

* The wall color is Dulux Highland Green.

* The nursery toys on the shelf are from Kmart.

“The beds are lower than your standard bunks so I don’t have to worry about them bumping their heads against the ceiling fan.”

Other decorations, including shelves and potted plants, were purchased in the same natural wood colors to ensure the room was ‘on the theme’.

“I bought some cute nursery animal toys from Kmart for decoration,” she said.

“We made the whole room for less than $ 350 minus the cost of the bed. The boys were thrilled and said it looked really fancy.

Ms. Blythe is very aware of the spacing in their home, so to make the most of it, she made sure their clothes were inside the closet.

It was the frame the family used to make their hedge wall (photo)

It was the frame the family used to make their hedge wall (photo)

They did the same in their living room by purchasing a floating shelf to house the Playstation console and the children’s games.

But one of the room’s star attractions is the green hedge wall that she and her husband have put up.

“My husband thought a frame would be nice around. We were going to try to build one, but we didn’t have the tools or the knowledge, ”she said.

“So we improvised and bought two A1 photo frames from Kmart and bought two large artificial hedge tiles from Bunnings for $ 50 each.

Bailey is seven and wanted a 'jungle theme' in the play

Harrison, who is three, will share the room with his older brother

His son Bailey (left) loved the green wall the family created in their garden and asked for it to be reproduced in the room he shares with his three-year-old brother Harrison (right)

“Using very small screws, we attached them to the frame support and cut them to size. I love the result and want to make a bigger one for our living room afterwards. ‘

Mrs Blythe’s youngest son, River, one year old, sleeps in his parents’ bedroom but has his own which he will eventually move into.

After posting photos of the transformed room on Facebook, the Brisbane-based mum was quick to receive a number of compliments.

“I love this teal wall color,” praised one woman.

Another added: “It’s such a beautiful design.”

You can follow the family on their Instagram page here.

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Is vaping worse than “smoking in the boys room”?

Over 2 million students report having vaped with cannabis.  Getty Images According to a research letter published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, 2.1 million high school and college students reported using marijuana in vaping devices.

I was six when Brownsville Station recorded the rebellious classic “Smokin ‘in the Boys’ Room”, and a high school student when Mötley Crüe covered the song 12 years later. I didn’t smoke – I was learning in college – but even in the Reagan 80s, kids were sparkling in the stalls between classes.

“Vaping in the boys room” just doesn’t sound the same.

But is it really a bigger problem?

The issue made headlines last week when three high school students in Martin County were hospitalized after using vape pens containing THC – the psychoactive active ingredient in marijuana – and other unknown substances.

Two students from Martin County High and one from South Fork overdosed; the injuries were not fatal.

Following: Three students hospitalized after apparent vaping incidents

But they led to an explosion of concern among school officials and parents. On January 8, Superintendent Laurie Gaylord launched an automated call to all middle and high school families, warning of the possibility of additional overdoses and advising parents to check “their belongings, backpacks and vehicles. children for the presence of vape pens or other items. “

“It’s happening in epidemic proportions, and not just in Martin County,” Gaylord said in a subsequent interview. “I knew the students were vaping” on campus, she said; “I was not aware until last week’s incident that they were vaping THC or other illicit substances.

“And I think most parents don’t know about it either.”

In September, the United States Food and Drug Administration declared that teenage e-cigarette use had reached “epidemic proportions.” tobacco, fresh cucumber, crème brûlée and mixed fruit.

And as I type this in, I start to feel like a 50’s parent, warning of Elvis Presley and the devil’s music of rock and roll.

So how much of a problem is this? Children have been sneaking cigarettes into school forever. Drugs too. The year after I graduated there was a major cocaine crisis in my high school. It was in 1986.

I don’t endorse any of this, of course. But the point is, we parents have always had something to fear. Some of them are quite legitimate; some of it is exaggerated.

So with vaping, what is it?

I posed the question to two (hopefully) irreproachable sources: the Stuart Moms Facebook group and my own high school student, my 17-year-old son.

He is in his final year at Jensen Beach High School; I asked him how common vaping is and do kids actually do it on campus.

Gil Smart

His response: “More than you think.”

“Kids do it all the time on campus, mostly in the washroom, but some do it in class, in the hallways, whatever,” he said.

“Kids just think it’s safer than cigarettes,” my son said.

My question on Stuart Moms’ Facebook page drew over 30 responses, including one from Cherie Wright: “My 10th grade student says it’s an epidemic and kids as young as grade school age are vaping. . She says she sees him every day.

Indeed, several said that their college students say that it is common in their schools; one mom said she caught her 8th grader with a Juul.

Amy LaBelle Belowch summed up the general sentiment: “It’s A LOT more than just ‘smoking in the boys’ room.'”

And for two reasons, I think it’s fair:

First, it’s much easier to cover up than your traditional cancer sticks. On the Stuart Moms thread, former school board member Tina McSoley confirmed what my son said: Kids do it in class.

“Stealth vaping” is one thing, because the exhaled vapor barely has a slight aroma.

Back then, you could never smoke in class. Unless you are suicidal.

Second, the ability to vape cannabis – and god knows what else – with an e-cigarette. A 2016 survey found that 9% of teens had done so; this number has probably increased since then.

So yes, this is a growing problem, which is causing growing concern, but also growing awareness among parents.

Tykes & Teens, the Palm City nonprofit that provides mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment counseling to children, will host a live Facebook chat about teens and vaping at 11:30 a.m. on Monday January 21. And I was surprised how much those in the Stuart Moms group already knew about the subject.

It is good, it is necessary. Because kids will always do silly things; technology is making things easier than ever.

Moms and dads need to stay one step ahead. So even if we are a little alarmist, if the pace picks up, so much the better.

Gil Smart is a TCPalm columnist and member of the editorial board. His chronicles reflect his opinion. Readers can reach him at [email protected], by phone at 772-223-4741 or via Twitter at @TCPalmGilSmart.

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North Vancouver: Did you smoke? Vaping in the boys’ room not lit, a problem


Vaping is popular with teens, but health officials warn it will lead to cigarette smoking in some

Content of the article

A Deep Cove high school recently forced to lock its toilets to prevent children from vaping is just the latest out of a lasting battle to keep e-cigarettes and vapers out of the reach of underage users.


Content of the article

Last week, administrators at Seycove High School announced that they would keep all student bathrooms – except those near the gymnasium and office – locked until further notice. As Deneka Michaud, communications manager at the North Vancouver School District, explained, some teens complained about not feeling safe going to the bathroom given the use of vaping, which occurred throughout. the day.

“In Seycove, what they’ve noticed is that the most popular time to do it is during class. Students text each other in class or they arrange it ahead of time – and they go vape, ”she said.

The most popular places are the washrooms, but students also vaped in the locker rooms and on nearby trails, Michaud said. There have even been instances of students vaping in class.


Content of the article

“It’s not like smoking where you can smell it and see it. They are now very small devices. They’re about the size of a lighter and they don’t smell and students don’t smell anything, so it’s hard to spot them, ”she said.

Michaud said that by limiting access to less popular toilets, they could monitor usage and determine who the culprits are.

Teens who vape in school tend not to be cigarette smokers who use the products as quitting tools, Michaud said. On the contrary, they vape because they think it’s cool.

Although vapers are primarily used to inhale nicotine and produce smoke, they are different from cigarettes in many ways. They’re technical and stylish in a youthful fashion, and they’re used to consuming e-juice branded products such as Dr. Fog’s Watermelon Raspberry, Sour Worms by Candy King, and Killer Kustard by Vapetasia.


Content of the article

Online videos abound to teach new users how to breathe in without a cough, stay calm when shopping for their first products, and blow out vape tips. Vapers also tend to have a pleasant odor that does not stick to hair, skin, and clothing like cigarette smoke.

Vape use erupted in Seycove around the beginning of October, but teachers, policymakers and members of the medical community have been concerned about use by children and teens for several years. Vape is legal in Canada, but not for people under the age of 19. It is also illegal to give or sell a vape to a minor.

Milan Khara, a doctor who works at the Vancouver General Hospital Smoking Cessation Clinic and spends some of his time lecturing to high school students, said there is no doubt that the use of vape is prevalent in school toilets.


Content of the article

He said the medical community is increasingly accepting, even in the absence of decades-long studies, that vapor is likely safer than cigarette smoke. For this reason, existing smokers have been encouraged to use vaporizers instead. But it raised concerns.

“We have done a very good job of denormalizing smoking… Are we creating new interest in this product, and also, has this product sort of become a Trojan horse for the tobacco industry? ? “

An example of vaping products confiscated from students at Seycove High School in the North Vancouver School District.  (Photo: courtesy School District 44)
An example of vaping products confiscated from students at Seycove High School in the North Vancouver School District. (Photo: courtesy School District 44) Courtesy photo, School District 44

Khara explained that there are three possible outcomes for children and teens who start vaping. Some will quit soon after graduating from high school. Others will remain long-term e-cigarette users because they are addicted to nicotine and when they stop using the products they don’t feel well. And still others will graduate to become full-fledged cigarette smokers.


Content of the article

“Once you start delivering an addicting chemical to your brain, what often happens is that you are looking to get the most efficient delivery of that addicting chemical to your brain. And we know that there is no more efficient delivery of nicotine to the brain than through a traditional cigarette. It does this faster and at higher levels than any other delivery system would be able to achieve.

Khara suggested that providing information to teens about vaping might be a better idea than locking bathrooms. He suggested parents talk to their kids if they think they’ve vaped.

Postmedia contacted several other Lower Mainland school districts and none said their schools had also restricted toilet use to curb vaping. A student at Vancouver Technical High School said the school sometimes closed some of its bathrooms to curb vaping, but the school district would not confirm.

Are you a student or parent of Seycove Secondary and would like to comment on this issue? Email us at [email protected]

[email protected]


  1. Health Canada is looking for an entrepreneur to develop, implement and report on a national vaping awareness program, including finding social media influencers that teens might be willing to listen to.

    Health Canada will engage social media influencers to help with vaping awareness

  2. Nicotine vaping products are sold in a murky legal gray area, regulated for toxicity under federal consumer law, but not approved for sale by Health Canada.

    Break your child’s vaping equipment, says grieving family

  3. Dan t-shirt designer

    Vaping is not a gateway to smoking, UVic report finds

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