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Caleb Davis provided an update for the PRPD Range

PASO ROBLES – Paso Robles City Council met on June 15 for its regular meeting.

The first topic of discussion was that the state of California withdrew its blueprint for a safer economy on June 15, with various restrictions still in place on large events and unvaccinated people.

The California Department of Health will still make recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID, but those recommendations are not mandatory.

Go through this together, Paso Robles

Council members received the latest planned COVID-19 community update.

SLO County is still working on herd immunity or an 80% vaccination rate. In Paso Robles, 50 percent of the population is vaccinated and 42.2 percent in SLO County.

City staff have already started removing COVID-related signage in the city park.

California will closely monitor COVID-19 vaccination and infection rates over the summer and revise those guidelines by September 1.

Paso Robles Police Department (PRPD) Caleb Davis provided an update for the PRPD Range.

Four Cal Poly seniors completed the renovation of the Paso Robles Police Department (PRPD) Outdoor Training Center for their seniors project.

The funds for the renovation of the facilities came from the newly adopted funds of measure J-20.

Measure J-20 was passed in the 2020 election as a one-cent sales tax. Tax funds prioritize funding for the maintenance of essential city services, such as fire and public safety / police services, emergency response and preparedness, road safety and traffic. other municipal services.

The students completed the renovation with their budget of $ 20,000.

Paso Robles Press has a detailed article on the renovation project, which you can read here.

Residents have received “notice of reduction” letters informing each landowner of the condition and the need to reduce it.

The owners were notified of the public hearing scheduled for June 15 and asked to justify why such a condition should not be condemned as a nuisance and why the City should not reduce such a nuisance.

As of June 15, 54 properties were in violation.

Council declared these properties a public nuisance and ordered the City to carry out weeding on these properties and charge owners for the associated costs.

There was no public comment on the weed control hearing.

The board received a summary presentation on operating and capital budgets, which it has discussed in more detail in various segments at previous meetings. The total city-wide budget (excluding transfers) for the 2021-2022 fiscal year is $ 97,745,800, of which 35% belongs to the General Fund, 21% to the Improvement Program Fund. fixed assets, 16% to the Water Fund, 11% to the Wastewater Fund. , and 17 percent come from twelve other funds managed by the City.

The full proposed budget can be found on the City’s website.

The state chose Majestic Realty Co. (Majestic) to purchase the former Paso Robles boys‘ school at 4545 Airport Road.

Majestic has submitted a project request for “The Landing Paso Robles”, a business park project that is part of the overall vision of the development plan of the City’s conceptual framework.

Preliminary project design includes warehouse / distribution facility, smaller warehouse and manufacturing space, offices, hotel accommodation, market hall, winery, restaurants and retail establishments .

“It’s a wonderful mix of multiple activities brought together in one unit that is flexible so that it can change over time,” said Fred Strong, board member.

The Council authorized staff to expedite the amendment to the general plan, the development agreement and the planning rights requested for “The Landing Project Paso Robles”.

It is expected that public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council for approval of the project will be held in early 2022.

The next regular meeting of the municipal council takes place on Thursday July 8 at 6:30 p.m., via livestream at

Public comments can be made during the meeting by calling 805-865-PASO (7276) or provided prior to the meeting by emailing [email protected]


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