Peoria’s mom takes things from the dorm to the storefront


PEORIA (WEEK) — From a dorm to her own storefront, a Peoria mom strives to do it all, while hoping to teach other young people to do the same.

What started in 2014 as a business saleswoman in her dorm –

“Under my raised twin bed was like all of my inventory,” said BreAija Bryant, owner of B2The9s Custom Designs.

Eventually turned into a storefront in the Northwoods Mall.

“It was just like something I was supposed to do,” Bryant said.

Bryant, 28, describes his store as a personalized gift shop. She says it was a risk to quit her full-time job in the legal profession to pursue her dreams in April.

“I actually put all my money into it and got donations from the family,” Bryant said.

This single mom credits her family history of entrepreneurship with paving the way ahead of her.

“There are a lot of business people in my family, so it didn’t feel like it was impossible,” Bryant said.

Although it’s not just about making a profit. Bryant wants to give back to young entrepreneurs in the community.

“I want to have an 8-week course for kids where they can come, learn how to do some of the things that I do here, and then come away with a business plan and a product that they made themselves,” said Bryant.

Her sister says it has been amazing to watch this trip.

“She’s very dedicated, very direct, she knows what she wants,” said store manager Asiya Bryant.

Bryant doesn’t plan to end his legacy here. She hopes to open different businesses all over the city.

“There are a number of things I’d like to expand on, so we’ll see,” Bryant said.

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