‘Remorseful’ person over threat to Auckland Boys’ School


A person has been questioned by police after a threat led to the closure of a school this morning.

Police outside the school today.
Photo: RNZ / Finn Blackwell

Sacred Heart College in east Auckland had to close for the day following an anonymous threat directed at two people via social media.

Principal Patrick Walsh said police advised him, given the nature of the threat, to close the boys‘ school for the rest of the day as they continued their investigation.

Auckland East Region Commander Jim Wilson said in a statement this evening that police had spoken to a person who was ‘extremely remorseful for what happened’.

He said police have halted operations in the area, but investigations will continue.

Secondary Principals’ Association president Vaughan Couillault said attacks on social media were not common in New Zealand schools.

“Social media plays a pretty big role in teens’ lives, but I’m not aware of too many threats to an organization that happens too often in school settings.”

Couillault said it was important to educate rangatahi and tamariki on how to be pro-social online, avoiding situations like the anonymous threat at Sacred Heart College.

“Obviously when things happen, when the communications are very inappropriate or very offensive in the school or within the school, there are punitive measures we can take, but like anything related to society, it takes a village to raise a child, so it’s everyone’s responsibility”.


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