Sustainable fashion brand wins £25,000 grant


Represent real bodies

The company wants to tackle the pressures often represented by the fashion industry when it comes to images.

Sarah explained, “We don’t airbrush any of our images. We want to try to show images that are inclusive, representative of real bodies.

“Change the world with pants on, he’s my driver now.”

Fulfill a longtime dream

Sarah said it had been difficult as she was still working freelance to support the business and invest while it was operational.

On winning the cash grant, Sarah said, “I really cannot overstate the impact that winning the Business Boost competition will have for us. Not only will this allow us to implement our long-held dream of a fully circular fiber. fiber recycling program, helping to keep tons of underwear and clothes out of the landfill, but it will be a huge boost for every element of our business.

“It will allow us to grow, reach more people, have an even bigger impact…and really allow me to focus on the business so that we can make the big difference that I know we are. capable.

“Sometimes you have all the ingredients in place, but you just need something more to pull it all together and propel you forward. Business Boost is exactly that – it’s going to make a huge difference to our business and the impact we have in the world. I really couldn’t be more grateful and would 100% encourage everyone to apply next year. The clue is really in the name and I can’t wait to share everything we’ve been able to achieve thanks to it. Thank you Simply Business!”

Alan Thomas, UK CEO of Simply Business, said: “YOU Underwear’s commitment to sustainability has resonated with our own values ​​at Simply Business, and we are excited to see the continued positive impact the business will be able to make with the help of a cash injection.

“Small businesses are vital to the UK economy – and we know that behind every one of these businesses are passionate people with a big dream. That’s certainly true for Sarah, and we’re proud to be able to support their big dream of continue the exciting journey of YOU Underwear.

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