Take a look at the evolution of boy bands in 50 years


The Beatles, 1960-1970

Arguably the original and most popular boy band of all time (Sorry 1D), The Beatles, consisting of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison, arrived from Britain in 1964 and completely invaded the music scene. Robert Greenfield, the former deputy editor of Rolling stone, compared them to Picasso and described them as “artists who have gone beyond the constraints of their time to offer something unique and original … [I]n the form of popular music, no one will ever be more revolutionary, more creative and more distinctive. The Beatles were truly one of the first groups to incite this kind of fan frenzy and the hysteria they sparked has been dubbed “Beatlemania”.

But that kind of fame is hard to maintain forever, and Lennon announced he was leaving the band on September 20, 1969. Shortly after Paul McCartney left on April 10, 1970. By then, the Beatles were over. .

Despite their split, the group continues to be extremely influential. In 2004, Rolling stone named them the best band ever. It may be because tthey received seven Grammys, have six diamond albums, 26 Multi-Platinum albums, 42 Platinum albums and 48 Gold albums in the US, not to mention all the awards they’ve racked up in Britain.


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