Tanya printed outside Shliach’s hospital room


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Watch live: An edition of Tanya is being printed in the hospital where the rabbi Nachum presman, Chabad Shliach in Potsdam, Germany, is being treated for his recent stroke. Full story

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi’s companion Shluchim Nachum presman, a Chabad Shliach and a Jewish community rabbi from Potsdam, Germany, gather outside his hospital room in Daven for his recovery.

Rabbi Presman suffered a stroke on Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Vayigach just as he was completing a series of Chanukah events that included a public Menorah lighting ceremony and a Hanukkah celebration for schoolchildren.

The Shluchim, who came from all over Germany, recite Tehilim and an edition of the Alter Rabbi‘s Tanya in her merit.

The public is invited to say Tehilim in merit of Nachum ber ben Malka. Its capital is 51.

To watch Tanya’s impression:
Meeting number: 817 4410 4667
Access code: 057742


To support this family, visit charidy.com/presman


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