The 10 Biggest Fake Boy Groups


Once upon a time, MTV, the channel responsible for turning bands like Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC into certifiable superstars, created a fictional boy band called 2GE+HER with the help of creators Brian and Mark Gunn (Yes, as in the brother and cousin of James Gunn). There was a legitimately produced movie, TV series, and two albums, but each member of the group was an actor playing a role. The most successful fake band in history, 2GE+HER opened for Britney Spears at several stops on her 2000 summer tour, never breaking character. The single “The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)” was released before their second album, which ranked at 87 on The Billboard Hot 100 and spent several days on MTV’s Total Request Live. A perfect parody of boy bands and a time capsule of all that was great (and really, really awful) in the early 2000s is on full display. Come for Tyler Labine and Kevin Farley’s debut performances and stay for the really great music.

Best song: “U + Me = Us (Calculation)” because even after two decades, there are plenty of millennials who can perform this choreography without even thinking about it. Shout out to “The hardest part of breaking up (is getting your stuff back)” as the close runner-up.


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