The boys’ school cancels “Wife Beater Wednesday” at 11 a.m.


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St Bede's College has ended a themed dress-up day

St Bede’s College has ended a ‘Wife Beater Wednesday’ themed dress-up day after hearing about it from Stuff 24 hours before it went on.

St Bede’s College students showed ‘poor judgement’ after choosing a ‘Wife Beater Wednesday’ dress-up theme which was closed 24 hours before going ahead, according to the school.

Year 13 pupils at Christchurch Boys‘ School prepared to wear white singlets, sometimes referred to as ‘wife beaters’, for a week of themed fancy dress days to celebrate their last days of formal schooling.

However, after staff became aware of the theme of Thingsthey took action.

A school spokesperson said the boys had “shown poor judgment, and it was not with our approval”.

“It was closed.

“Students have been contacted and they know how serious this is.”

Staff members were first told that the day was a “Wacky Wednesday” dress-up theme. “The change was not authorized by the school,” they said.

A “steady hand” was taken, and the school was “surprised” and “disappointed” by the boys’ choice of theme.

“It’s a very teachable moment for us. We’re making sure the boys learn from this really big mistake. There’s always room to teach and learn from those mistakes, and obviously that’s our work to keep doing it.

“An apology will be posted on the same page it was posted on.”

They said dressing-themed communications were shared on the students’ internal closed digital group.

A father of a Grade 13 student at the school, who did not want to be named, said he was shocked when his son told him about the ‘Wife Beater Wednesday’ theme.

He said his son joked about it, saying it was “just a jersey”.

“I don’t think that’s entirely appropriate.”

A parent from St Bede's College said his son thought it was funny but the father said it sent

A parent at the school said his son thought it was funny, but the father said it sent “the wrong signal”.

“I’m not a politically correct person, but I don’t think that’s a joke. We have a huge domestic violence problem in this country. It sends the wrong signal.”

He said he was worried about the future of his two daughters “where they are faced with a man who goes through this school system, and we shed some light on [domestic abuse]”.

“Let’s step into the modern world, guys, and stop this behavior.”

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