The January slope can be lengthened forever if a microcredit or revolving card is used

We release a new year and with it, one more year, the fearsome cost of January. The previous Christmas expenses and the gifts of Reyes begin to take their toll and there are few who do not know how to deal with them. For this reason, many resort to financing formulas such as microcredits or revolving cards.

The claims received on this type of financial products have increased significantly

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Specifically, from December 20 to January 8, the platform has received 136 claims for “revolving” cards (almost 25% more than in 2018) and 42 for microcredits, a figure that quadruples that registered on the same dates in the previous year. A solution that can leave us very expensive and make the dreaded January cost last all year, as they warn from From the firm they remember how these financial formulas have already been considered usury in hundreds of cases that the platform has already won in court.

“Interest exorbitant, a debt that, however much they pay, is always growing, zero transparency in the conditions of the loan … Both micro and cards” revolving “pose a very dangerous trap for consumers and awareness necessary to society”, Says Amado Claoap, CEO of Claim For Me.

To do this, from the specialized platform remember the main risks behind these products:

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1. Interest well above those of the market: 2, 3 and 4 times higher than the average inter is s of credit consumption usually being an APR than 20%. In some cases received and managed by Claim By Me in it RELATIONSHIP with claims is microcr appropriations as Vivus have found the interests of 2,333% APR.

2. Misinformation: Many of those affected by the revolving cards and microcredit claim that they were not aware of the high interests they would have to face due to lack of information when signing the contract. At the moment they continue in a spiral of debts making it almost a perpetual debt. When they asked what they also remains to be paid in response or if there is, it is confusing and does not match the time they have to pay and the debt contracted. Time that is paying the fees without having a clear answer.

3. A debt that never ends: That is the common denominator that most of those affected by revolving cards complain about. Abusive interests make for many monthly payments being paid to the initial is pr stamo this go on and on.

4. Harassment: Those affected suffer an absolute persecution by the entity that has granted the loan pr and if they fail to pay. Some assured that they received constant calls a day even to their work or relatives indicating that they owed money to the entity. Many of them refuse to pay for not having the money or thinking that they had more than paid off their debt.

5. Usury: At the present time the criterion of the judges in its vast majority is being favorable, in fact in certain Courts of First and Second Instance where they did not give the reason they are currently failing in favor of the client. Thus all the Audiences of Spain among them: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Toledo, Tarragona, Bizkaia, Palma de Mallorca, León, Valladolid and Oviedo have spoken about the revolving cards and the microcredits and the answer is almost unanimous;

Loans with an APR of more than 20% are usury and therefore are void

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“Many times, in addition, the one affected by this type of products feels that he is alone, that he cannot leave this spiral. And you should know that it is not so. More and more people decide to claim “revolving” cards and, fortunately, more and more people manage to end the nightmare. In Claim For Me we have numerous favorable sentences for “revolving” cards that prove them right, declare the conditions of said card illegal and oblige entities, in many cases, to return thousands of euros to those affected, “says Amado Claoap.