‘The Originals’ author thinks there’s a twist behind Emmy Rossum playing Tom Holland’s mother


Tom Holland puts aside his Spider-Man costume and takes over the small screen. Based on a true crime story, Holland will star in Apple TV+ The crowded room. While minor script and casting details were revealed, fans couldn’t understand why Emmy Rossum was cast. The crowded room.

Rossum will play Holland’s character’s mother. The two actors are only 10 years apart in age. The originals the writer has a theory on how Rossum’s character will be portrayed in the anthology series.

Emmy Rossum to Star in ‘The Crowded Room’ Anthology Series | Theo Wargo via Getty Images

Apple TV+ tackles crime and mental health

True Crime is a popular television genre that hooks fans into the complex, dark minds of criminals and their evil deeds. Apple TV+’s next 2022 series The crowded room is partly inspired by The mind of Billy Milligana crime novel by Daniel Keyes.

Holland stars as Danny Milligan. The character is a loose take on the real Billy Milligan. The hook of the series? Billy was the first to be acquitted of a heinous crime due to a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder.

The crowded room will chronicle Danny’s journey to his crimes committed in 1977 and the psychological evaluation that followed. Fans will delve deeper into Danny’s complex mind and alter egos throughout the series. Audiences will also understand the difficulties of living with a mental disorder and how they move forward.

Emmy Rossum will play Candy in “The Crowded Room”

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Rossum will play the role of Candy, Danny’s mother, in The crowded room, according to Entertainment Weekly. The character details explain, “Through their struggles in life, she dreams of salvation in the form of someone else.” But future fans were skeptical about Rossum’s casting in The crowded room.

the Shameless the actor is only 10 years older than Holland. Rossum is 35 and doesn’t necessarily look like Billy’s mother. Billy was in his early twenties when he committed his crimes.

According to PopSugar, The originals and Roswell: New Mexico Writer Carina Adly Mackenzie has a justifiable explanation for how the storyline could work.

In a Tweet, she said: “Guys – Emmy Rossum plays Tom Holland’s mother because the vast majority of her scenes are flashbacks to her character’s very early childhood when he suffered the trauma that caused his Dissociative Identity Disorder It started before he was 5. While the producers didn’t go into full details about the story or its characters, the theory makes sense.

Emmy Rossum to star alongside Amanda Seyfried in ‘The Crowded Room’

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Fans know who will star alongside Rossum and Holland in The crowded room. Mom Mia star Amanda Seyfried will play the role of Rya. The character is a criminal psychologist who helps Danny throughout his trial.

Actor Christopher Abbott joins Seyfried, Holland and Rossum in The crowded room. He will play the role of Stan, Danny’s lawyer and a veteran. Abbott’s character is loosely based on Gary Schweickart. Loki star Sarah Lane will play Ariana, Danny’s friend. Emma Laird will also play Danny’s friend Isabel.

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