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welcome to Style diaries, a series where we research the physical manifestations of our IRL closet visits. We’re asking our friends and trendsetters to show us what they’re *actually* wearing during the week and to preview their thoughts on the current state of fashion. This week we follow Elisabeth Kuzykfrom his eponymous label Kuzyk, as she transitions from a workshop to a meeting with a client and a workout class. As a designer, Kuzyk swears by interesting pieces to create laid-back (read: minimal effort) ensembles with a touch of Parisian glamor and rock ‘n roll.

Look 1: Morning meetings and client lunch

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Kuzyk

“I love the worn, worn feel of the Smith Patchwork Coat. It’s a cool alternative to a blazer. I wear it like a blazer: fold it over, roll up the sleeves. The minimalism without the hardware and trim adds elegance without effort. Waxed brown nubuck is crazy; it feels so good.

That day, I chose to put on a t-shirt that I made some time ago from unsold materials. I’m so picky about the fit of a t-shirt. I often stretch my neck and roll up my sleeves. So I had to make my own. We hosted a lunch for private clients, so I chose our Smith straight pants to match the coat. It is a good look, cool, comfortable. I imagine David Bowie wearing it. I added vintage cowboy boots underneath. I feel like myself in this look. It’s a rock ‘n roll version of a power suit.

Photos: Courtesy of Elizabeth Kuzyk

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Look 2: Zoom workouts and sketches on the floor

Photos: Courtesy of Elizabeth Kuzyk

“I started the day with an early morning workout on Zoom. I do ballet and Tracy Anderson. I wore a bodysuit, a cashmere cardigan and a black Lilly Bow in my hair. Then I sketched and worked from the ground. I do some of my best work from the ground. I feel like it’s recess and I’m a kid. I put on a Petit Bateau T-shirt, denim pants Falaise Patchwork, threw on a cardigan around your neck and a vintage red CHANEL bag for a walk around the neighborhood and breakfast with a friend.

My favorite pieces can all fit in a suitcase and anything I pick up can work together. I design with this same intention. When it comes to workouts (or anytime really), I like to dress like a French girl – simple, cool, comfortable. Hair bows help.

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Look 3: A day at the Atelier

Photo: Isabelle Lombardini

“I went to my studio in downtown LA and met my production manager who has been making leather garments in the same building for over 30 years. I was wearing my Lou Suede sweater which I love. It’s a chic alternative to a sweatshirt. I made the pattern from my favorite worn-out sweater that was shrunk just before reinventing it in a combination of black and brown suede.

I wanted to wear patchwork lambskin, thrown over a pair of snakeskin boots, and rock n’ roll jewelry – Chrome Hearts hand-me-downs from my dad, vintage Navajo jewelry from Bob Melet and David Yurman from The RealReal. I feel like a cool and relaxed Parisian with an equestrian and rock n’ roll touch.

Photos: Isabelle Lombardini

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Look 4: A long drive on Mulholland

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Kuzyk

“I put this on after an evening dance class. I hit Mulholland Drive and picked an album to sing on. It’s my perfect way to end a day. It’s my favorite to play. I can walk in water above my knees. The hem is sometimes a little wet but no matter. The pockets fit everything I need.

I like an overall dress. It’s casual and I can wear any t-shirt underneath. That day, I wore my favorite striped t-shirt that I bought in Paris eight years ago, but I also love LESET. They know how to cut a T-shirt. I wear whites all the time.

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Style Notes:

What role does fashion play in your life? How does it serve you?

“For me, style is what makes me feel most like myself. I see clothes as a tool. I can choose to put on tools that make me feel confident, cool, comfortable, or empowered. And for my work, I build these tools.

What does your style look like these days? Do you have a go-to dress code or do you prefer to change it up when dressing?

“I have a few uniforms that I bounce between depending on how I feel. My first is leather pants, a patchwork coat (shabby, sleeves rolled up), boots underneath, and a white T-shirt. This is my go-to uniform for the workshop, meetings and dinners. I feel comfortable and comfortable. The combination of the leather jacket and the boots obviously gives me that boost of confidence. My second is for training. It’s a dance bodysuit, a cashmere cardigan, Lilly Bow and patent ballerinas. Then my third is a T-shirt, denim dress and ballet flats.

What energy do you bring to your outfits this season? What are you looking forward to wearing?

“When it comes to my ensembles this season, I’m letting go, feeling cool and comfortable with an element of play. I dress up and don’t take myself too seriously. I also like to juxtapose the pieces. For a night out, I’ll wear a sparkly mini skirt, thigh-high heeled boots but with a little white t-shirt and a baseball cap. Or for dinner, I’ll wear Adidas sweatpants, CHANEL ballet flats, a t-shirt. vintage t-shirt and a sturdy jacket.

I will mix timeless classics with something playful and unexpected. As the pandemic progressed, I discovered basketball shorts. (I’m expecting some shorts from the Louis Vuitton x NBA collaboration unearthed on Vestiaire Collective). I guess what I’m saying is that lately I’ve been dressing like a 13-year-old boy who stole his mom’s jacket and purse.

In terms of beauty, what does your hair and makeup routine look like and how does it change depending on what you wear?

“Hair and makeup never really change. I get ready in 10 minutes. I wear my hair with a center parting and loose waves, in a loose ponytail with a knot, or in a bun with a knot (if I I’m working out/in a dance class) My makeup is simple I don’t know if it’s because I identify more with the no-makeup look or if it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to makeup and don’t care enough to figure it out. I curl my lashes, then wear brown mascara, dewy cheeks (bronze highlighter and a hint of blush), glossy lips, and I call it a day.

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