The Witch’s Dawn ends abruptly but positively


The following contains spoilers for The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12, “The Adventure Begins,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

As the sequel to Grimoire of Zero, The Witch’s Dawn catches up with the lives of original series protagonist Zero, the black mud witch and her friend Albus – the Mooncaller witch and Sorena’s granddaughter – as adults. In the original series, Zero befriended Albus when they were both children, and a Tiger Beastfallen called Mercenary while searching for his stolen grimoire. Once Zero retrieved his grimoire, Albus remained in Wenias to teach magic as his grandmother wanted, and Zero and Mercenary continued to travel together.

In The Witch’s Dawn, adult Albus opened the Wenias Royal Magic Academy where she mentored three exceptional young mages: Saybil, Hort and Kudo. Of the three, only Saybil is related to Zero because he is the son of his brother Treize, the latter being responsible for the war in Wenias in Grimoire of Zero. The three students were sent by Albus to the village where the Adult Zero resides with Mercenary to be mentored directly by the Mud-Black Witch herself.

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For most of the series, Saybil, Hort, and Kudo work to hone their magical skills under the guidance of Zero, Mercenary, Shinpu the Priest Blind Priest, and Loux Krystas, the Dawn Witch. In the Season 1 finale, the trio of budding mages see their hard work pay off when they strategize with Zero to ward off the threat of 10,000 Church Troopers with no casualties. Ironically, the strategy they come up with is still quite brutal and traumatic for the soldiers since it involves dismembering the soldiers and setting them on fire before healing them. This terrifies them enough not to go any further.

When the Beastfallen mercenaries employed by the Church proceed to attack Zero and her village, Mercenary and Shinpu are the first to fight them to rescue Lilly (a Beastfallen employed by Shinpu) as she has been captured by them. When the Beastfallen arrive at Zero’s village, Saybil, Hort, and Kudo battle them under the mentor’s supervision. Using the various techniques taught to them by their mentors, the three students demonstrate their mastery of magic and succeed in defeating the Beastfallen mercenaries, all but one: the self-regenerating Bull Beastfallen.

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Although Saybil, Hort, and Kudo did not engage the Bull Beastfallen, Mercenary fought it while still in the woods. Regardless of the killing blow Mercenary uses, the Bull Beastfallen proves unkillable as it continues to heal and regenerate. It ultimately takes a killing spell from Zero to stop their immortal adversary, which she accomplishes by summoning a horde of zombies from another dimension to devour him for eternity. Zero admits that this is not a lesson she wants her students to learn and only performs this spell as a last resort.

While Zero and his students manage to end the Church’s threat to the village in Episode 12, they don’t discover the mastermind behind Remnants of Disaster’s attacks sooner. The unveiling of this person’s identity is entrusted to Albus and Loux Krystas, who use trickery to trick him into revealing himself. The mastermind behind the Remnants of Disaster turns out to be none other than the Church’s Bishop Ideamor, who was also responsible for feeding Kady – a penniless boy from earlier – the Remnant of Disaster that killed him. . As a reward for Kady’s death, Loux Krystas gave the same Remnant of Disaster to the Bishop, effectively killing him.

After Saybil, Hort, and Kudo return to Wenias Royal Magic Academy, Albus graduates them with their diplomas as they have proven their mastery of magic. For their first official assignment as newly graduated mages, Albus gives the trio access to the Forbidden Library, where the powerful Grimoire of Zero is located. Their job is to find out more about the Remnants of Disaster, setting up a season 2 for The Witch’s Dawn.


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