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“I just finished fourth in the Australian titles and nothing but the sound of crickets!”

Just a month ago, it emerged that surfing’s first transgender competitor, Sasha Jane Lowerson, was on an unstoppable streak, adding yet another trophy to a chimney that was already moaning with trophies.

Two months after his landslide victory at the Western Australian longboard titles in May, Lowerson surfed with remarkable grace to win the 23rd Lavan Whalebone Longboard Classic at Cottesloe Beach in Perth.

Sasha Jane Lowerson, a forty-four-year-old Fly-In-Flight-Out worker in Australia’s lucrative mining sector, was one of Australia’s leading male longboarders, even winning the men’s longboard division as the Ryan Egan, before spending a few years. there is and joining the female side of the draw.

“Trans girls aren’t going to take over the world, we just want to be included, we’re human too,” Lowerson said. “I have been hiding in this male shell… for 42 years. To still be made to be this guy that I am not is overwhelming.

Surfing’s reactionary core was laid bare when Momentum Generation comedian and Kelly Slater bandmate Peter King got into the trans-athlete improblio, saying:

“Stay away from women’s sports where you miraculously win after being an average man. Women’s sport is not a back-up plan where you can’t win a trophy (and dollars) in the men’s division. Leagues like the WSL and sponsors like Red Bull are you now going to oppose this instead of harming women’s sport?”

Kelly Slater added, “Do a trans split and we won’t have this confusion.”

Now, after his failure to win the Australian longboard title, which just ended in the holiday hamlet of Port Macquarie, Lowerson says the media has been remarkably quiet.

“It’s quite amazing the message that you, the media, are sending to all of us!” Lowerson wrote in an Instagram DM. “Just finished fourth in the Australian titles and nothing but the sound of crickets! Look, I’m glad there aren’t any disgusting biased opinions being published about my inclusion. However, I’m sure as well-educated men that you are, surely you both can see the irony in what I’m pointing out right now! The press loves to sing about how it’s only unfair when we (trans-athletes) win!

“On a second note, have you ever wondered why the anti-trans agenda argument doesn’t use data from a trans woman who endured a set time and level of hormone replacement therapy?

“The answer is obvious! Instead, they insisted on using data from a CIS male versus a CIS female! The comparison is absolutely irrelevant! The irrelevance is so obvious because you would get the exact same comparison/result comparing CIS men’s data with CIS women as you would get when comparing CIS men’s data with trans women.

Lowerson added that she was greeted by all the other girls at the event.

“(They) celebrated my inclusion because they are my peers and they also train hard and put in the time in the water necessary to surf at this level to win a title. Also they would never use inclusion of a trans-athlete as an excuse for their own inability to perform well in an event.

All very good points.

Now, again, and more importantly, and since we disagreed last time, what are your favorite trans movies?

Mine are boy meets girl and Mandarinthe trailers for both of which you can examine below, as well as various scenes on adult channels.

Take out the tissues. And not just for the tears.


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